My Favourite Month!

Hello September! Ahhhh my favourite month is finally here and I can hardly contain my excitement! I’m practically channelling my inner Maria from The Sound of Music and ready to twirl a mountain top. Because friends, the hills really do feel alive!

So let’s kick off this week’s Friday favourites by talking about my favourite month, a few other favourites and of course my favourite season-spring!! Now, I know some folks might be gearing up for pumpkin spice lattes in other parts of the world, but down here in the southern hemisphere, we’re rolling out the floral carpet and embracing the magic of spring!


I love seeing the pretty flowers coming alive in the front garden.




my favourite flowers


I also get excited seeing the kaleidoscope of colours in other people’s front gardens as I walk to and from work.

my favourite flowers




September has only just begun, but I’m already loving the longer days – no more pitch-black mornings as I roll out of bed. And I’m just so excited that I can enjoy more than just a mere half hour of daylight after work. September, you give me so many reasons to love you!!


On Tuesday my special friend surprised me with this beautiful gift.

my favourite mug

my favourite mug

A gorgeous Snoopy Halloween mug! Isn’t it just the cutest? I love how September marks the beginning of some fun celebrations and the shops begin to sell Halloween decorations and goodies.


Onto some other favourites for this week, these brioche buns were amazing!

my favourite brioche buns

I mentioned on Wednesday that I ordered hamburger buns. But they were substituted with these instead when I got my grocery order delivered. So I made pulled pork and coleslaw rolls. The change of menu plan was a real winner!


We have been making healthier snack choices over here because my husband is on a mission to lose weight. So I have stopped buying chips and dips. Instead, we have been snacking on things like dark chocolate, nuts and fruit. And we have been careful with the amount of healthy snacks we eat too because you know….calories.

my favourite snacks

I’m being very supportive but I don’t know how long I can last before I make a sneaky solo trip to McDonalds for a Big Mac, fries and a strawberry thick shake!!


A tidy and organised fridge is a big favourite that makes my heart sing. So I made sure to give the fridge a good clean before I put my groceries away.

my favourite-a clean fridge


I love these small avocados!

my favourite small avocados

They’re a perfect size because I can eat a whole one instead of eating half of a big one. And I don’t have to deal with the other half turning brown or potentially going to waste.

my favourite avocados


Honey in my tea or drizzled over creamy Greek yoghurt is my favourite. And let me tell you, this particular honey I bought from the farmers market is exquisite!



This week at preschool we have been busy making Father’s Day gifts for this Sunday. The kids used bold colours for their handprints.


We asked them questions about their dads for their special cards and some of their answers were just downright funny!

They also drew on special shrink paper to make unique keyring decorations.

keyring decorations


And that about sums up my favourite things for this week! The weekend is here, and I’m excited. It’s time for some well-deserved fun and relaxation. I’m ready to make the most of it and I’m sure you guys are too!

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “My Favourite Month!”

  1. Oh those interviews are so cute! I used to do some of them with my boys for the grandparents and my husband and their answers often made me laugh. For years my youngest son insisted my husband had a coke addiction– he jus always neglected to add the cola part to the coke cola! LOL.

    I love seeing all your flowers blooming. But sadly our leaves are already starting to change colors– don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall but I just hate knowing that in another month or 2 all the trees will be bare.

  2. Haha! I love the interviews, especially the one whose dad ‘does stuff like listens to his boss’. Brilliant!
    I love that you are getting already for spring, it’s one of my favourite seasons too when all of the colours start to pop up. It feels like our summer has just flown by here and the nights are definitely drawing in. I’m not complaining though as I love autumn.
    Your lovely tidy fridge has reminded me that I need to do ours!
    Have a lovely week Ruth. xx

  3. Spring is one of my favourite seasons too, but I also like September as it’s our Autumn and even though I know winter is coming I still enjoy the autumnal colours and the trees changing. Good luck with eating healthy, no sneaking off to Mc Donald’s haha.

  4. Spring is my favorite season too. If I lived down there, I would love September with the spring flowers. Please share more flower photos in the next few weeks so I can live a 2nd spring vicariously! #MMBC

  5. Ahh! We will be going into Autumn soon but we’re in the middle of a heatwave at the moment which is wonderful! When we’re in the winter at least I will have all of your summer fun to look at and read about. hehehe
    That mug is so cute!
    I love seeing what other people have in their fridge. Yours does look very organised.
    Those dad cards did make me chuckle. x

  6. I also love the arrival of spring, especially how it gets brighter in the mornings.

    Good work on the healthy snacking, that is what we are trying to do around here too!

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