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Hello friends and happy Friday! It’s great to be here to share some Friday favourites, thanks so much for stopping by!

It’s been so cold! I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll keep saying it until the first day of spring—I’m NOT a fan! Haha. I need to keep reminding myself that at least it’s not as cold as it is in many other parts of the world. Plus, there’s always delicious comfort food to enjoy!

I shared on Monday that I made some yummy ramen over the weekend. I made enough for leftovers, so we had some for lunch the next day. Soup in winter is the best and I love it; it’s comforting, filling, and healthy. I added delicious veggies like shredded carrots, wombok cabbage, spring onions, coriander, bean sprouts, and celery. I also included chopped garlic and ginger to boost our immunity and help fight off any nasty colds. So far, so good—none of us have been sick yet (but now that I’ve said that, you know what might happen!). Anyway, fingers crossed we stay healthy this winter.

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I love the vibrant colours of fresh vegetables and enjoy taking photos of them! I’ve got a bunch of fruit and vegetable photos on my camera roll. I once watched a movie about a couple who got divorced, partly because the wife was always taking photos of vegetables. The husband found it so annoying for some reason. Hahaha! Maybe I need to be careful!

Lots of my Friday favourites are food related and this week is no exception. I made a zucchini slice the other day and tweaked the recipe to make it better. I’ve made zucchini slices in the past that have turned out meh. So this time instead of adding the onion and the bacon to the mix raw, I cooked them first. I also added garlic and parmesan cheese and it was a winner!

share some Friday favourites-zucchini slice

It was exciting to boil eggs exactly how I like them—a bit soft in the middle. I’ve finally learned how to time them just right—you set a timer instead of just hoping for the best, as I always did. That makes sense, right?

share some Friday favourites post - egg

Some of this week’s favourite dinners include baked barramundi with garlic and lemon juice.

baked barramundi

Chicken stir fry with noodles and crunchy cashews.

stir fry

Even this girl is feeling the cold and is always looking for someone at home she can curl up with.

share some Friday favourites - cat

This notebook contains my brain.

share some Friday favourites - notebook

I’ve increasingly become Mrs. Forgetful (is it age, being too busy, or wine…who knows!). Anyway, I am now writing down everything I need to remember. Siri helps me too, but I love this notebook because it’s tangible and always there when I need it—if I can remember where I’ve put it. I also use it to write down meals that have turned out well. I don’t follow recipes and sometimes get creative, adding this or that. Or I may change things, like I did with the zucchini slice. But then, the next time I make the same dish, I often forget what I did to improve it. This way, I have a record of my successful tweaks and can recreate those dishes. Yay!

Aha! We got good news when Steve saw the knee surgeon on Wednesday. Last week, we were both a bit down after the appointment because the surgeon was still unhappy with how the knee was healing and wanted us to come in again this week. He even said scary things like, “If it doesn’t heal, then we’ll have to go in surgically and wash out any infection.” Yikes!

Turns out there wasn’t any infection in the actual wound, which was a huge relief. The surgeon took the time to explain (properly this time; last time he rushed us out the door) that Steve had a severe allergic reaction to the glue they used, causing the skin on his knee to burn. So, it looked like an ulcer, but it wasn’t. I’ve found that sometimes doctors may overlook the importance of thoroughly explaining things to patients. Anyway, we are very happy that things are okay and on track!

After the doctor’s appointment, I dropped Steve off at home and went to get some more pain meds from the pharmacy. I got a bit sidetracked when one of my favourite clothes shops was calling me! I went in, tried on a couple of things, and couldn’t resist buying yet another sleeveless black top. It met my rule: I won’t buy it unless I love it. Maybe I should add another rule: avoid stepping into clothing stores altogether! But nah, I love clothes too much, and I try to avoid impulse buys.

Witchery clothes

black Witchery top

Look at how well this plant is growing! It used to live in the bathroom and looked sad and small. So, I relocated it to the sunny kitchen window, and now it’s flourishing. Happy, flourishing plants are a big favourite for this reformed plant assassin.


That wraps up some favourites! I’m going to thaw out my right hand, which feels frozen from typing, and then get moving to cook dinner. It’s so cold!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you’re enjoying the sun in the northern hemisphere, please catch some rays for me! Everyone else, stay warm!!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Ok, your food looks so professional! I love that you are enjoying cooking. I just started getting grocery delivery and I think it gives me more energy to do the actual cooking! Is that crazy?
    Great news on the knee and I love your new top – very flattering on you. It won’t be cold forever and you could put something over it for now.

  2. Ohh! I love soup when it’s cold out. I hope you do stay healthy over the winter, the garlic and ginger will sure help.
    All of the food looks so good, especially the zucchini slice.
    That is great news about Steve’s knee, well great that it wasn’t infected. The allergic reaction sounds horrible. x

  3. Your food always looks so delicious and I love your notebook, I’m always a fan of a nice notebook. We have actually had a warm day here today…welcome to British summer. Although I wouldn’t actually say it was sunny. It will arrive eventually. Maybe before your winter ends, you never know!

  4. Plant assassin! Haha. Glad that your plant is now flourishing.
    Also, it’s great news that Steve is doing well. I bet you were both so relieved after his appointment.
    I too live by my notebooks! I have so many, they are slowly taking over the house.
    Have a lovely week. 🙂 xx

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