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Hi friends, and welcome to What’s Up Wednesday! This is the monthly linkup hosted by Shay and Sheaffer, where we get to share a few highlights from the past month. Today is all about June, and I’ll be sharing a few of the things we’ve been up to, starting with…


We’ve been trying to keep warm and enjoying some cozy comfort foods. There’s nothing like a warm meal to make these chilly days a little brighter! So, here’s what our menu looks like this week. Oh yes, I’m also happy to report that it’s June and I still haven’t fallen off the meal-planning wagon! Although I had a hiccup during the last term break, I got back to meal planning ASAP.

Monday- Chicken stroganoff with rice and string beans

Tuesday- Teriyaki salmon with rice and Asian salad

Wednesday- Football food! The State of Origin is a great excuse for meat pies, mashed potato and peas with lots of tomato sauce

Thursday- Nachos

Friday- Chicken schnitzel with baked potatoes, vegetables and gravy

Saturday- Dinner with friends! Yay!


Hot summer days!


Well, up until the last four weeks, I was living the life of a toddler with no rules. With Steve at work almost every evening, I would eat late, stay up way too late, and I didn’t have to share the remote control. Now that he’s home, I’ve been eating earlier, going to bed at a decent time, and sharing more.

I’ve always been a night owl, but after this dramatic change in my routine, I’ve discovered sleep and I’m loving it! Now I sleep a proper 7-8 hours, and I feel so much better. I always knew that being sleep-deprived was a big no-no, but I was just being naughty.


Despite the winter weather, June has been great. My favourite thing about June is that we finally booked our Cousin Connect Adventure 2025, and I’m so excited! I’ve started a planning journal, writing down all the places we want to visit and a long list of fast-food dining spots we want to try. We hardly ever eat fast food, so we plan to make up for it by visiting all the famous American spots we’ve heard about for so many years!

Highlights from the month - travel journal

Speaking of food, here are some of the delicious meals we enjoyed in June.

We had soups to keep us warm.

Highlights from the month - soup

Highlights from the month - ramen

Meals with veggies to keep us healthy.

stir fry

share some Friday favourites-zucchini slice

baked barramundi

And sweet treats to keep us happy!

dessert table


birthday cake

Some June highlights included.

Pretty sunsets

Highlights from the month - sunset

Weird cloud formations over Sydney skies.

Currently in June- altocumulus volutus

And cozy dinners together at home.

Highlights from the month - dinner

June was filled with mostly ordinary moments, and I’m totally okay with that.


Thankfully I’m not dreading anything.


I’ve been watching Attack on Titan with my boy, Masterchef Australia by myself, and Seinfeld with Steve. The three of us watched Deadpool the other night, and now that Steve is recovering at home, we’re eager to have more movie nights together.


I’m at work and I’m on my lunch break. It’s rest time but I don’t hear a whole lot of resting going on!


I always forget to take photos of what I’m wearing, but lately, it’s been all about layers to keep warm.


Our friends invited us over for dinner and a games night. I love these get-togethers because they are always so much fun. I can’t wait for Saturday night!


The July school holidays are almost here! Starting from the 8th of July, we are off for two glorious weeks. That means sleeping in, staying warm, and not having to stick to any schedule!

We are going away for a couple of nights to the beautiful coastal city of Gosford. It will be fun to visit galleries, museums, and the farmers market. Steve always works on weekends, and the last time we got to go away was over a year ago. Ha, that’s the upside of him having a knee replacement—we get three months together while he recovers. It’s a nice change from our usual routine of a quick hello and goodbye as we cross paths on our way to and from work.

That wraps up some highlights from the month of June! I hope yours was a good one. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful month! Glad you’ve rediscovered sleep. I hate that I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve always felt like one of those people that need more sleep than others since I can happily sleep 10 hours at a stretch (or at least I could before perimenopause kicked in!). It sounds like you have a wonderful vacation planned for next month. I hope you have a great time!

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