February 2022

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Welcome Back Friday

Hi everyone and welcome back Friday, so nice to see you again! Can you believe that it is nearly the end of February already? I usually feel sad to see the end of summer, but I feel differently about it this year.  In all honesty, the weather this summer has been pretty blah! So for

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February 2022

Hi everyone, wow how quick does time fly!!! I am excited to be back here linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for another What’s Up Wednesday post where I am sharing a little of what’s been going on this February 2022. So let’s dive right in! What We’re Eating This Week I am really excited

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The Benefits Of Dramatic Play In Early Childhood Education

The benefits of dramatic play in early childhood education are really quite amazing. Some of these benefits include language development, promoting problem-solving skills, encouraging physical development, as well as creativity and imagination. What Is Dramatic Play Dramatic play is where a child pretends to be someone else. They will take on the role of that

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Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! So good to see you again, what a week indeed and I have to be honest and say that I am so glad to see the back of this one! If you’ve been reading along you’ll know that my Mum fell over and hurt herself really badly last Friday. I have been so

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