My favourite fragrances

My Favourite Fragrances

My Favourite Fragrances- I have been on a quest to find a signature fragrance for years. There are just so many lovely-smelling fragrances to choose from. So finding just one has been a fun challenge. In the past I have smelled fragrances on friends and have really thought “that’s the one for me!!” But when …

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How to Look Luxe

Looking luxe doesn’t mean you have to be rich or that you need to spend money on designer labels. You don’t need to follow fleeting trends or be flashy. Because luxe is not just about what you wear, it’s also about your frame of mind and how you present yourself. Here are 15 simple tips …

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black top and midi skirt for spring outfit

Spring Outfits

In honor of Spring finally arriving here in Sydney I thought I might put together a few Spring outfits. I’m just so excited that Spring is here, and I have really been enjoying the clear blue sunny skies and seeing the lavender in my garden blooming. Today, I picked some to put in my cute …

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