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Hi friends, and welcome to Friday Favourites! As usual, the week has just flown by, and here we are again, ready to share some favourites. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by today—thank you for reading along!

I always think the last week of term is my favourite because everyone is in high spirits, counting down the days until the holiday break. Well, the staff are, maybe not so much some of the preschool parents. We’ve had a few groans and comments like, “Oh no! Two weeks!!” Haha, yes sir, two weeks indeed!

Backtracking to Monday night, we caught up with our friends for our monthly dinner catch-up. We didn’t join our group for the June dinner because Steve had only just had knee surgery. Six weeks post-surgery he is much more mobile and now walking with one crutch.

Steve ordered the Laksa and shared some with me. It was full of flavour but too spicy for me! It was too spicy for him too, but he battled through the watery eyes and runny nose—good for clearing the sinuses!


I ordered the safe grilled chicken burger.

chicken burger

My English friend with amazing Greek cooking skills shared some cheese and pickle-flavoured chips with me. They were good!


Hooray! My passport arrived by registered post!


Thursday was s mix of favourite and not-so-favourite moments. We went to see the knee surgeon for another follow-up appointment and we didn’t get the best news. Even though Steve is much more mobile and he is making progress. The doc isn’t happy with the range of motion in Steve’s knee. So it’s back to the hospital next Wednesday for a quick but painful-sounding procedure.

Steve’s having manipulation therapy where the doctor will bend his knee and break the scar tissue (ouch! My eyes are watering just thinking about this). He will have this done under a light anaesthetic and should be home within a few hours. Hmph!

When we got home from seeing the doctor, we were both a bit down and took a minute to process the news. Steve is much better at focusing on the moment; I’m usually seven days ahead and imagining the worst! I didn’t want to be a downer, so I shook off my worries and put on my big girl pants. Ha! I’m not even the one having the procedure, and Steve was comforting me! I just want him to be well… fast!!

Luckily, we had tickets to see Boney M at the Enmore Theatre that night, which helped take our minds off things. Before the concert, we had dinner at a Thai place just four doors down from the theatre. Enmore was so busy that night! The restaurants and pubs were packed, and everyone seemed to be having the best time. I was surprised by how lively it was for a cold winter weeknight.

We shared a mixed entree and a super mild beef curry.

welcome to friday post - entree

welcome tot Friday post - beef curry

Then it was showtime! We had seats, but I was on the dance floor in a flash with Steve’s blessing. He knew there was no way I could just sit and watch! Even though dancing isn’t his thing, he would have joined me if it weren’t for his knee. Oh my goodness, what a performance! Boney M. was amazing, and dancing along to all the disco favourites I grew up hearing was surreal! Their original performer, Maizie Williams, was there that night, and you would never guess she’s 73 years old! I want to be just like Maizie when I grow up and groove to disco for as long as I can!

welcome to Friday post - Boney M

And that was the week! I’m keeping it short and sweet because I have to jump off and get ready to go out with my work buddies to celebrate the end of the term. I hope you have an amazing weekend and I look forward to being back here on Monday!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. It sounds like a mostly fun week! I hope all goes well with Steve’s knee; that does not sound like a fun procedure but hopefully it will give him better range of motion. Enjoy your break!

  2. It sounds like everyone is excited for the end of term.
    That Laksa does sound good for clearing the sinuses. My fella had chips and curry on Friday night and it was the same. He powered through eating it, I was sat next to him and my eyes were watering just from the smell. lol
    Ohh! Smiths crisps are a blast from the past! My great aunt used to work at a factory making them.
    Eek! Poor Steve, sorry it wasn’t great news with the surgeon. I hope the procedure goes well.
    I love a bit of Boney M. You just have to get up and dance. x

  3. That’s too bad about Steve’s knee. I understand you feeling overwhelmed for him! I said if someone else in my family broke their ankle it would have been harder for me to deal with taking care of them!

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