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Highlights From The Weekend

Hi friends! It’s time to link up with Holly and Sarah to share some highlights from the weekend. I hope you all had a good one!

Friday Night

Friday nights are usually low-key for me, but last Friday was different. Sam and I got an unexpected invite to join some boys and their mums from his school for dinner at The Intersection Tavern. The boys finished school at the end of 2022, and Sam became close with about three of them during high school. There are around ten boys in their friendship circle.

That night, I discovered these ladies are a tight-knit group who have been friends since their kids were in kindy. Sam didn’t start at the school until high school, so we were new to their circle. I think we got invited because I met the mum who organises these dinners at the airport when Sam went to Japan with her son back in May.

It was great to get to know the mums. We chatted over a delicious dinner and reminisced about how quickly time had flown. It felt crazy to think back to when the boys (or men, as I should really say) were little and now they’re all grown up.

dinner with friends

We even got treat bags, which I thought was a really lovely touch!

treat bags

treat bags


Saturday night was my aunt’s birthday celebration. Our family and some friends went to Canterbury Leagues Club for dinner. When we walked into the foyer, I was amazed at how large it was! It was all fancy with the plants and chandeliers. I joked that it was like a mini Las Vegas. I haven’t been to Vegas yet, but I know this club, though huge by our standards, would be tiny compared to the ones in Vegas and other countries.

highlights from the weekend post - Canterbury Leagues Club

For dinner, Steve ordered the fish and chips, Sam had the beef brisket and I chose the penne bolognese.

highlights from the weekend post - fish and chips

highlights from the weekend post - beef brisket

highlights from the weekend post- penne bolognese

Afterwards, we went back to my aunt’s house for cake, dessert and drinks.

highlights from the weekend - birthday cake

It was a fun Saturday night celebrating my aunt, and I love any reason to get together with my family! Going out on Friday and Saturday nights was a bonus, so when Sunday rolled around, it felt like I had enjoyed an extra-long weekend if you know what I mean.


I spent a couple of hours decluttering the converted garage. It had been bothering me for ages because it was getting messy and cluttered again. Aaarrrgh!! How does this happen so fast!! I do my blogging there, and I wanted to reclaim the space and make it inspiring again. Mess makes me nuts! Four garbage bags later, I felt more zen.

highlights from the weekend - decluttering!

It’s so chilly now, and I’m not loving it! What better way to combat the cold than with some delicious chicken and vegetable ramen for dinner? I had never made ramen before and was happy with how it turned out. The delicious broth with chicken, crunchy bean sprouts, spring onions and coriander was so good!

highlights fro the weekend post - ramen

And that was my weekend! I love those weekends when I get to go somewhere fun and also accomplish something productive. It’s such a great balance that leaves me feeling better about the new week ahead.

I’m excited because it’s week eight, and that means I’m counting down until we break up for the winter holidays on the 8th of July. Yay!! Getting up at 6 am in the cold is tough, but enough of me whinging about the cold, hehe. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have a great day!

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7 thoughts on “Highlights From The Weekend”

  1. It sounds like a great evening out on Friday night. It is wonderful to get to know other mum’s. The treat bags are so lovely.
    Happy birthday to your aunt! It looks like a lovely celebration.
    Well done with the decluttering and that ramen! It looks so good! x

  2. Looks like a fun and delicious weekend. We are in high heat weather here this time of year, but the lake helps keep us cool. Have a nice week and stay warm!

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