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Hi friends! It’s time to link up with Jennifer for the July edition of Currently. Today we are chatting about what we are currently loving, looking forward to, savouring, celebrating, and remembering.


I am loving going to bed early (well, at a decent time anyway). I never thought I would say that because I love staying up late. But I feel so good the next day after getting a proper night’s sleep. Luckily, I rarely have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. The only nights I struggle are some Sunday nights and always the nights before the beginning of the school term.


I am very excited about the upcoming school holiday break! Term two was a ten-week term, and even though it’s always hard to get up out of a warm bed in winter, I managed through ten weeks. Term one, however, was an eleven-week term, and that last week—well, you get the picture!

So, I’m really looking forward to not waking up to an early alarm and not having to stick to any schedule. It’s free time for the next two weeks, and I can’t wait!

Apart from a few fun plans, such as catching up with friends and going away for a weekend, I am also keen to get some jobs done. One of these tasks is painting our small walk-in wardrobe. It really needs a good makeover and proper lighting! Then there’s the living room I never got around to painting white like the rest of the house. It’s been over a year since I painted the bedrooms, hallway, and dining room. After that, I stopped, packed up my brushes, and never went back. I think it’s time! Even though it’s work, I’m in the mood to finally tick these jobs off my list. Well, the wardrobe anyway, not so much the living room.


Fresh herbs! I love adding fresh herbs to my cooking, and I have parsley growing in our front garden and the basil is doing okay too. I also bought a pot of coriander. I think it’s my 3,567th attempt to try and grow coriander! Every time I buy a pot at the supermarket, I make sure to follow all the instructions on the packaging on how to maintain it. I water it, put it near the window for some sun, and I even talk to it, but no luck—it just withers and dies. Oh my gosh, I just realised, maybe it’s my conversations!

currently in July - coriander in a pot


My cousin messaged us in our family group chat and we are making plans to get together and celebrate Christmas in July on the 20th!


I’m still using my trusty notebook to jot down all the things I need to remember! So now I’m actually remembering things. Go me!

share some Friday favourites - notebook

And that’s a wrap for what’s currently happening in July!

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!

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6 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Good luck tackling all your painting over your break. Christmas in July with all your cousins sounds like so much fun!

  2. Going to bed early is the best – especially in the winter months. With summer here in the states, it is barely getting dark when I would usually start thinking about bedtime!!:) Enjoy those cozy winter sleeps!

  3. Good luck with the painting. I’ve been doing our house too. After doing one room, it’s surprising how it shows the rest of the house up. It’s never-ending!
    Ah, I rely on my notebooks too! I love writing a good old to-do list.
    Have an awesome week Ruth! xx

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