Family Life

Friday Favourites

Hello, friends, and welcome to Friday Favourites! I hope you all had a great week. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re very excited to welcome back the weekend! This week has flown by so fast yet at the same time it’s felt never-ending because of the wet weather! It’s true what they say […]

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Rainy Weekend

Hi friends and welcome back, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are feeling relaxed and ready for a new week! Thanks so much for being here today! Here is a recap of my fun but rainy weekend! We started the weekend with a nice sleep-in on Saturday morning. Followed by a quick

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Friday Favourites

Hey everyone! Can you believe how quickly this week flew by? I’ve had such a refreshing break from work and it’s been so good to finally have the chance to relax a bit, catch up with friends and family, and just enjoy life without having to rush around. It’s been the best feeling and I’m

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weekend happenings - Hello Monday

Weekend Happenings

Hi friends and happy Monday! It’s great to be back today to recap some weekend happenings. I’m very excited to be on school holidays because term one felt so long! It actually was longer and went on for eleven weeks. We usually only have ten weeks and although one extra week doesn’t sound like much.

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