Friday Favorites

fun favourites

Fun Favourites

Hello friends and hello Friday! Thanks so much for joining me today as I share a few fun favourites for this week. Sam’s Home! My first fun favourite is, of course, having my boy back home after his trip to Japan! Yay!! We were very excited to go and pick him up last Saturday morning.

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New Year's recap

Two Favourites

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! As of 3:46 PM today, I’m officially on autumn break – time to finally take a breather! I’m excited to join Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites. Can you believe I only managed to remember to snap three photos this week? It’s been quite a week, and I seem to

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Friday favourites

Friday Favourites

Hi, friends! Welcome to Friday Favourites! I’m so thrilled that this short week actually felt shorter. Usually, four-day workweeks drag on like any other, but not this time. Although I must admit, I was a bit confused about what day it was throughout the week. But all that confusion disappears today because it’s my favourite

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