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Grateful For The Weekend

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Hi everyone, as always I am grateful for the weekend, especially after such a busy working week. But this weekend went by super fast! My wish for time to slow down did not come true but that’s ok. I’m happy to be back for another Hello Monday post where I am linking up with Holly and Sarah.

Friday Night

Friday night I was done! So exhausted that I could hardly move. After work, I did manage to do some chores though because I know that If I don’t get onto them then they will just snowball into the weekend.

It was so cold on Friday night so I made a delicious cup of hot chocolate. I was really craving something super sweet so I even added more sugar to it! (I know, I know)

hot chocolate

I wanted to watch a movie but because I felt so tired I made sure to watch something that I had seen before so it didn’t matter if I fell asleep or not. So I picked one of my very favourite movies “Footloose”. I have watched this movie so many times and I never get tired of it. I had such a huge crush on Kevin Bacon when I was a teenager!


Anyway, I had just started to watch it and I was about ten minutes in and my son Sam came out and joined me. So I started the movie from the beginning, made some popcorn and we watched it together. By then I was wide awake and Sam enjoyed the movie too. Now we’ve made plans to watch “The Breakfast Club” soon. ’80s movies are the best!!


Saturday morning I had a nice sleep in and then got up to make breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, fried tomatoes, and toast.

bacon for grateful for the weekend post

scrambled eggs

I like to use a non-stick pan to make the scrambled eggs otherwise it’s just a big old pain in the neck of a mess to wash up if I use another pan.

I also use a spatula instead of stirring the eggs while they cook. They turn out so yummy and fluffy this way.

Hmmm, enjoying a steamy cup of Tetley tea in my new favourite mug!


Saturday Night

Saturday night I made a quick trip to Ikea and picked up a couple of things. Just a super cheap couple of LACK tables for the new “Hang Out” room.


I also picked up these cute tea light holders. I love tea lights, especially on cold evenings!

tea lights for grateful for the weekend post

Feeling super motivated I put together the LACK tables and a simple desk for Sam’s room that I bought. Lucky I found this drill tool thingy we had at home which made the whole process of putting things together much easier and quicker.


ikea tables


I skipped church on Sunday and I had a big sleep-in because I had gone to bed super late. Sam had a bad earache late Saturday night. Why do these things flare up at night?

We did have a telehealth consult with a doctor on Saturday and she gave him a script for antibiotics. I ran out to get the script at the local pharmacy which thankfully was still open until late. I didn’t get to bed till after 2.30 am.

A Delicious Lunch With My Family

My Aunty and Uncle invited us over for Sunday lunch. I went by myself because Steve works weekends and Sam was sick. My cousin was there too and I had the best time. Nothing beats a great conversation with family after a yummy lunch. I love my aunty, uncle, and cousin so much. They have been so supportive over the last couple of hard months.



When I got home Sam was still not feeling great and he had bleeding in the ear! So we headed straight for the after-hours GP at our local private hospital. After a two-hour wait, we saw the doctor. Lucky I took my computer and did some blog work while we waited. Sam took his computer too and did some school work.

blog work for grateful for the weekend post

The nice doctor confirmed what Dr. Google had said….he not only had an ear infection but he also had a ruptured eardrum. Sigh!!

after hours GP for grateful for the weekend post

Sunday Night

We headed home after the doctors but stopped at Kmart first. Sam had to buy a tripod for his school assignment. He has chosen Drama as one of his HSC subjects and he needed a tripod to film something that apparently I have to be involved in too???

tripod for grateful for the weekend post

He didn’t feel well but these things need to be done because it’s his final year of school and this film he is doing needs to be submitted by Wednesday. Praying for miracles!!!

After we got home I marinated and baked this chicken breast on Sunday night. My plan is to chop it up and add it to my salad for my work lunches. I am a bit tired of eating canned tuna every day!! So happy with how it turned out! I will make sure to share this recipe for the marinade soon.

roast chicken for grateful for the weekend post


I guess that wraps up our weekend. It wasn’t great because poor Sam was so unwell but it was still sprinkled with lots of special moments. And for that I am grateful.  I really hope you all had a fun one!

Happy Monday friends!!

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4 thoughts on “Grateful For The Weekend”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We are moving away from hot chocolate weather. At the moment I’m drinking lots of juice and ice. That sounded like a good idea to watch a film you know for a relaxed Friday evening. 80s movies are the best, The Breakfast Club is one of my favourites.
    Those tea light holders are so cute and go you! Well done with the drill.
    How lovely to spend time with your family. The Sunday lunch sounds so good.
    Oh no! I hope Sam’s ear is feeling better soon. x

  2. So sorry to hear that his eardrum ruptured; Ouch! I too love all the 80’s movies and we’ve been trying to get our boys to watch them with us.

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