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Hi Everyone It’s so nice to be back for today’s What’s up Wednesday post. Hope you have all had a great month. It’s so fun to peek into what people have been eating, watching, reading, and doing. I always enjoy reading these posts. As usual, I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay. So let’s just jump right in and start with…..

What We’re Eating This Week

Being at work means salads on repeat for lunch. I jazzed things up a bit and instead of my usual salad with tuna, I made a really delicious marinated chicken breast instead. I cooked it on Sunday night then I chopped it up and portioned it out so that it would last me a for a few days. It was a nice change.


This week we also had some delicious burgers. I used turkey mince instead of beef mince. My whole family loves the turkey as it is super juicy and tasty. It’s been a real winner!

turkey burgers for may recap post

Monday night I made Paella. It turned out very tasty and the family enjoyed it. I made a cheats version which was super easy!

paella for may recap post

I also made banana bread. It’s the first time in ages since I have baked anything. The cooler weather makes baking much more inviting.

banana bread for may recap post

What I’m Reminiscing About

Well, a lot of things that make me sad. I miss my Mum.

What I’m Loving

This big, long, warm jacket! I think that our playground at preschool might just be the coldest place on earth. But in saying that, I have to admit that I feel the cold extremely easily. I wore it for the first time last week and I felt like I was wearing my big warm cozy quilt.


What We’ve Been Up To

I guess we have just been up to trying to get back to normal life. Steve is working crazy, long hours and I am back at work. Sam is super busy with school work. He is doing drama as an HSC subject and so he has been busy filming. I have a starring role in his film. I have no real clue what it’s all about, but I just say the lines in my best creepy tone. Haha….apparently I do creepy well!!

filming for may recap post

What I’m Dreading

Thankfully nothing really.

What I’m Working On

I am painting the rooms in the house!! Well, I started strong when I was off from work. But now that the busyness of everyday life has taken over, I haven’t done much. I will definitely be getting back to this project during the next Term break which is only five weeks away.

What I’m Excited About

Cozy warm nights with candles, hot drinks, and fluffy blankets. I love Summer, but now that I have this issue with hot flashes….cooler weather is much more appealing.

hot chocolate

What I’m Watching

I watched “Inventing Anna” which was very interesting and I just love her accent!

I also watched “The Thing About Pam”. It was quite intriguing, but I didn’t love it.

My sister-in-law recommended “Why Women Kill” so I gave it my ten-minute test and I was completely hooked! I watched the first season in a flash! The second season was good too.

tv show for may recap post

What I’m Listening To

A lovely friend recommended a great podcast called “Separate Bathrooms”. Cameron Daddo and his lovely wife Alison talk very candidly and honestly about marriage. Camero Daddo and Alison Brahe were the “It” couple back in the late’80’s and early’90’s here in Australia. They were both involved in show business and modeling.

podcast pic for may recap

They moved to America to make it big in the acting world. But… things didn’t go as planned. There was infidelity, bankruptcy, and a whole lot of other issues. They survived it all and through lots of therapy, they managed to stay very happily married and have raised a beautiful family. Their podcast addresses all these issues and I find their honesty so refreshing and inspiring! Highly recommend this podcast!

What I’m Doing This Weekend

I have just been invited to a birthday party! My lovely friend’s little boy is turning 4 and he is having his party at a play centre. I love her little boy and I am beyond excited!  It’s been years since I have been to a children’s party. My boys are all grown up and I miss those fun days.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

Next month is The Queen’s Birthday long weekend on the 13th of June. I love three-day weekends.


Thanks so much for joining me today for this quick May recap. I really hope you have the best Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “May Recap”

  1. That chicken breast looks so good and it certainly makes a change from tuna and that Paella looks delicious.
    Ohh! I love the look of your new jacket, it looks so cosy!
    We are just going into summer and at the moment I am loving the warmer weather. Give me a couple of months and I will be complaining that it’s too hot. lol x

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