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A Not So Great Weekend

Hi friends, hope you are all well and enjoyed a great weekend. Sadly mine didn’t start well at all. My poor mum had a horrible fall, broke her nose, and bruised her lovely face quite badly. She is in the hospital and because of COVID, I can’t be with her.

I was so anxious and worried all weekend but I spoke to the doctor today and she seemed happy with her progress, I was so relieved to hear some positive news! Although she also has other issues that go along with being quite elderly, the road to recovery looks slightly less scary today. One day at a time I guess. I have to keep reminding myself of this!! If you could, I would really appreciate prayers for my dear mum!

Even though this weekend is up there as probably one of the worst ever. Friends and family reached out to me and I can only say that I see God’s loving hand in this. He sent me comfort through loved ones!

My mum and me

This is my mum and this photo was taken about a year and a half ago.


I had plans to catch up with a couple of friends on Saturday morning. With everything that happened, I thought that I might have to cancel. But I didn’t in the end because I couldn’t be at the hospital with my Mum anyway.

I had been so excited to meet up with my lovely friends as I hadn’t seen them in ages. And I was really glad that I was able to make it. We spent a lovely morning chatting over a delicious morning tea and I was so grateful for this as it took my mind off worrying about my mum for a little while.

In the evening Steve was at work and Sam went to a friend’s house. My Aunty invited me over to her new place for dinner. She had only just moved in a few days ago. I’m so happy for her because she has found a really lovely villa after looking at places for at least a couple of months.

We had some yummy cheese and wine, then she cooked a delicious meal. We watched a couple of episodes of Chicago Fire too. So it was a really lovely evening and once again I was super happy for the distraction.


Sunday morning my friend messaged me asking if I wanted to join her at church so I said yes!! I hadn’t been to church in far too long. At first, it was because of lockdown and then once lockdown was lifted I felt safer staying home as much as possible. I had every intention of going back but was just being plain lazy about it. (Not good!)

Anyway, it was really encouraging to hear the sermon and sing the hymns after such a long break. I was happy that I went along plus I got to spend time with my friend after the service.

My friend is waaaaay younger than I am but we get along so well and share so many things in common. She also has excellent taste in shoes! Haha, we both wore our clogs from one of my favourite stores called Funkis.

Funkis is a really cool design store in Paddington, Sydney. They have a great collection of Swedish and Scandinavian products. Even though it’s a small shop they sell clothes, bags, home decor, and of course clogs. I just love all their products and I especially love their comfortable clogs.


I guess that’s about it for today. My weekend was certainly not at all what I envisioned but I am thankful my mum is on the mend. I’m keeping it short as I really am super tired and my brain feels like it’s all over the place. I do hope you have a great rest of the week and thank you so much for stopping by. Here’s hoping for a better week!!

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