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Welcome Back Friday

Hi everyone and welcome back Friday, so nice to see you again! Can you believe that it is nearly the end of February already? I usually feel sad to see the end of summer, but I feel differently about it this year.  In all honesty, the weather this summer has been pretty blah! So for the first time ever I am actually happy to see the end of it.

While we are on the topic of the weather I guess my first favourite for this week has been

Listening to the rain in the evening!

My goodness, it has been bucketing down for the last few days. While I am not a fan of wet weather during the day, I do love the soothing sound of it at night.

Wet preschool days are definitely more challenging. Being stuck inside all day with about 40 kids is not ideal at all. This was what our playground looked like.

I snapped these photos around pick-up time. Why does it always seem to pour down with so much rain during school pick-up time? The poor parents were getting saturated, even the ones with huge umbrellas!

Some Pretty Red Roses

I stepped outside my door to have a peek at the rain and I saw this pretty rose blooming in my front garden. Roses are my favourite flower and the other day when I was chatting to my lovely friend outside my place as she was leaving after a visit. I mentioned how I needed another rose bush as there was a gap where one had died.

Rose for welcome back friday post

So when I saw her on Thursday. Look at what she surprised me with! Lovely groundcover roses, perfect for that big gap in my front garden. She is such a kind and thoughtful friend!

roses for welcome back friday post

A Cosy Candle

I lit a candle that I got from the supermarket recently. I love the soft glow of a nice scented candle on a rainy evening. Most definitely a huge favourite!

candle for welcome back friday post

My Favourite Headphones

I have decided that these are my favourite headphones!

I bought some Jabra Bluetooth earpods last year and I wasn’t a fan. They hurt my ears and then only one earpod would reach full charge and the other one wouldn’t. It just annoyed me!

I have had these Sony headphones for many years and they were a birthday present from my oldest son. They are so comfortable and the sound is great. I wore them the other day to listen to music while I was folding the washing (not a favourite chore).

Fun 80’s Music

Listening to music while doing any kind of housework is a favourite because it makes things way more fun. It does take me a bit longer to get the job done though because sometimes I can’t help but dance!

While doing all my folding I was listening to some of my favourite 80’s music like

80's music for welcome back friday post

I know, I know my boys can’t believe that this song is probably one of my favourites.

This one is another favourite too

80's music for welcome back friday post

and this

80's music for welcome back friday post

I could go on and on. Just love 80’s music

Comfy Summer Slides

I bought these cute pink slides from a shop called Miniso. They sell all sorts of nick-nacks, gadgets and a variety of small storage solutions. I think the store originates from Japan.

Anyway, these slides were only $10 and they are super comfortable and perfect for this hot weather. The little spot bump things on the inside of the slides stop my feet from feeling sticky. Previously I had a pair of Superga slides that cost way more than that. Unfortunately, they fell apart really fast and they were not nearly as comfortable as these ones.


play dough for welcome back friday post

We are always running out of playdough at preschool so we have to make it constantly. I made some Autumn inspired colours! This playdough recipe I follow makes the softest play dough ever. If you are interested in making some for your little ones, you should really try it. Playdough has so many fantastic educational benefits too. You can find the recipe here.


I guess that’s about it for this week’s favourites. I’m excited for a quiet weekend at home. It’s supposed to be stormy until the end of next week. Happy Friday friends, I really hope you all have a great weekend!name graphic

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Back Friday”

  1. We used to make our own playdough too and I liked to add in a bit of scent for each of the seasons. I was saying something very similar about the rain the other day; it had been cloudy all day and then when I left to pick up my son from school it started pouring. 1/2 way home it turned to a light drizzle. Now, he’s in high school so I don’t have to get out of the car but all the kids were getting soaked. I swear the rain waits for pick up time.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      So funny to hear that the timing of the rain is the same even on the other side of the world!! What a great idea to add scent to the playdough. Years ago we added cinnamon and nutmeg for our Christmas playdough. But I had never thought of adding any for the seasons. I’m sure the kids would love it. Thanks so much for the suggestion, are essential oils ok to use?

  2. I was admiring the super soft play dough yesterday!!?
    Maybe I will make a batch for my boys-I wonder how they would react ??but I really find it therapeutic…maybe with a calming essence like lavender??
    Hope you are Ok miss Ruth??

  3. I haven’t made playdough for years! I’m thinking I might need some headphones as I’m not such a fan of ear pods. What a lovely friend you have to get you some more roses.

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