Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! So good to see you again, what a week indeed and I have to be honest and say that I am so glad to see the back of this one! If you’ve been reading along you’ll know that my Mum fell over and hurt herself really badly last Friday.

I have been so worried for her as she’s 92 and quite frail. But thankfully she has pulled through like a champ and is now recovering at home. Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes!! They truly meant so much. This brings me to my big favourite for this week

My Mum Came Home From Hospital

My mum has been living with us for about 7 years and thankfully my husband and I can tag-team when it comes to looking after her. He leaves for work at 2.30 and I get home at 4.00. So she’s not home by herself for very long.

I took two days off from work, Thursday and Friday so that I could be with her. Then first thing Thursday morning I went to pick her up from the hospital. She was in very good spirits, cracking jokes and happy to be coming home. Her poor little face is pretty bruised but much better than I was expecting.  Because of COVID, the hospital is completely closed off to visitors. So I had not seen her up until the morning when I picked her up.

A Much Safer Chair

When the hospital rang me Wednesday afternoon to say that my Mum would be ok to come home I went and bought her a new and much safer chair than her previous one. Her old chair was the reason for her fall, and I’m super annoyed at myself for not having realised that she wasn’t safe in her old chair anymore.

A Sweet Treat

Steve surprised me with a cappuccino and a friand for morning tea after I got home from picking mum up at the hospital. He knows how stressed I have been and this was such a sweet gesture.

New Clothes For Around The House

I now have a capsule wardrobe for preschool which makes getting ready in the morning super easy. I then decided that the clothes that I was wearing around the house had seen much better days.

So I bought a couple of t-shirts and shorts online from Target. They are super comfortable and the quality is great, so I’m thinking I might just get a couple more pieces. I want to look decent when I’m at home and then be able to just run out of the house without worrying about what I’m wearing.

I wore my extremely comfortable shorts and T-shirt to pick up some panadol for my mum. When I stopped to take a pic the thought crossed my mind that I might look like I was wearing pyjamas!!”  Haha, certainly felt comfortable like I do in my pyjamas and then I thought “Who cares!!”

Limes for Lemonade

I picked up some limes from my local fruit shop and they were so cheap. Only $2.00 for a whole bag. Sometimes they cost $2.00 each!!! I squeezed them and made some lemonade. It has been so hot this week so this was a real refreshing treat!

I froze the rest of the lime juice in these big ice cube trays for next time.

Citrus Squeezer

See this wooden citrus squeezer, it’s my favourite. It will squeeze out every last drop of juice! I used to have a plastic handheld squeezer with a bunch of attachments and it drove me nuts for years. It was just too complicated, I could never find all the pieces and there was so much washing up afterward. Ugh!!

The only downside of using the small compact wooden squeezer is that it doesn’t strain any pips. But that’s ok I still prefer it over the other one that I previously owned. I actually bought this one from Funkis, the shop where I like to buy my cool clogs.

Afternoon Tea

I was super happy to have my lovely friend come over to my house for afternoon tea. It was so nice to chat with her and my little cat was absolutely in love with her. What’s not to love, she’s so sweet and kind!!

The Dinner Ladies Is a Big Hit!!

A few weeks ago I ordered some frozen meals from The Dinner Ladies. I had never tried them before but some of my work friends had recommended them. I was short on time the other day with everything that has been going on. So I went ahead and pulled out some frozen salmon cakes and quickly panfried them. Oh my goodness they were so good!! They honestly tasted homemade and I was able to serve them up with some leftover mashed potato and vegetables from the previous nights’ dinner.

I have about four other meals from The Dinner Ladies in the freezer and I am excited to try these over the next few weeks. I have been really good about meal planning and have been sticking to the plan. But when life throws the unexpected, at least I know that I have a healthy and tasty backup in the freezer. Totally a lifesaver!!


These peaches in a handy container have been really great. Normally I buy the tinned ones but thought I would give these a go. I think I will just stick to these from now on as once they are opened I can just put them in the fridge. The container and lid are recyclable too so that’s a plus.

Tuesday Night Cheese

We enjoyed a super simple cheese plate on Tuesday night. This time instead of crackers we had some sourdough. I bought the sourdough from the fruit shop and it was really delicious. I loved that it had olives through it and olives are a big favourite!!

It’s Nearly Valentines Day!

Wow, that crept up fast! Some years Steve and I will go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day but this year he’s working on Monday night. So instead we are celebrating on Tuesday night and having our usual wine and cheese.

Along with this, I am going to order some dessert from Oliver Brown to enjoy at home together while we watch a movie. You can check out my post on some fun Stay At Home Date Night Ideas.


Ok friends, I am seriously looking forward to a calm weekend. I think I might enjoy a face mask, treat myself to a home pedicure, and watch something fun on Netflix. At this stage, I have nothing else planned and I am going to try to rest and recover from the week.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and I really hope that you have a wonderful weekend

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