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My Top Ten Fashion Pet Peeves

Hey there everyone it’s good to be back for this month’s edition of ‘Not Just A Mom’ hosted by Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne and Sarah. Today’s topic is ‘Pet Peeves’. If you remember back in April I shared with you guys a whole bunch of everyday pet peeves. And I was surprised that I came up with so many! But I have to admit that it kind of felt good to get them all off my chest. Anyway as I have already covered quite a few of my everyday pet peeves I thought that for today I would talk about some of my fashion pet peeves. But before I go ahead I just wanted to say that fashion is such a personal thing and we all have our own unique styles and preferences. What works for one person might not work for another.

So I’m just keeping it light and fun and I’m most definitely not here to judge anyone’s style choices. Today I am just chatting about some things that don’t work for me when it comes to fashion. So without taking things too seriously let’s have a look at some of my fashion pet peeves!

Fashion Pet Peeves

fashion pet peeves

Socks And Sandals

Ok, so this would have to be number one on my list of fashion pet peeves. Socks and sandals are just not my thing. But my husband is a fan, and it wasn’t too long ago that he tried this fashion combo when we were getting ready to go out one night. He thought I wouldn’t notice!

Oversized Designer logos

Yeah, I’m not into big flashy designer logos on everything. I think the fashion houses are doing ok and don’t need me to boost their sales by being a walking advertisement for them.

Jumpers With Cut Out Shoulders

I’ve seen ladies wearing jumpers with cut-out shoulders and they look amazing. So it’s not that I don’t necessarily like the look. No, it’s not about that at all. For me, it’s just that I would feel so incredibly cold wearing a jumper that leaves my shoulders exposed! When I wear a jumper I want every single bit of my body to be covered up and warm.

Wearing Leggings As Pants

I’m not sure that they are meant to be worn as stand-alone bottoms. Especially when the leggings are made of very thin light-coloured material and you can see clearly right through them.

Excessive Cleavage

It’s not that I’m jealous because I don’t have a whole lot going on up there. It’s just that I think a more subtle approach looks classier.

Wearing Clothes That Are Too Small And Tight

We need to let our bodies breathe, it deserves some space!

Itchy Fabrics

Just thinking about itchy fabrics makes me want to scratch! You know what I’m talking about right? I have made the huge mistake of buying those woolly jumpers that might be super warm but they make me want to scratch the skin off my neck.

Deceiving Mannequin Display

You know when you are out clothes shopping and you get all excited because you spot a really cute perfectly fitted dress on a mannequin? And you think “Yes, that’s it! That’s the one I want!” But then when you look closely you realise that the reason why it looks so great is because it’s been pinned and tucked at the back. And in fact, the dress is just a shapeless sack.

Too Many Prints At Once

I love a good pattern but combining multiple patterns in one outfit can look a bit overwhelming.

Gaping Tops

There’s nothing worse and more uncomfortable than wearing a cute top that gapes wide open when you bend over. This happens to me often and it’s probably because I have zero cleavage to hold my top in place. Anyway, my dilemma with gaping tops is all over now that I have discovered Hollywood Fashion Tape. It’s the best solution ever!

I guess that just about wraps up most of my fashion pet peeves. It’s been fun exploring them and I’ll probably think of a few more that I forgot later on. I’d be really interested to find out some of your fashion pet peeves. Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope that you have the best Monday!

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15 thoughts on “My Top Ten Fashion Pet Peeves”

  1. hehehe! This did make me chuckle because these are my fashion pet peeves too.
    My dad is guilty of wearing socks and sandals and I always have words with him about how they look silly and I will wear leggings around the house as pants but never when I am out. x

  2. There is something that people wear here that has been popular for a few years now- people call them “cold shoulder” tops. It’s a top with sleeves that has a gap in the material so that it exposes your skin there- I DETEST those tops! I don’t like them on anyone and just think they look ridiculous. Isn’t it funny how something like that takes off and becomes popular? I also don’t like to show too much skin, and I can’t stand scratchy fabrics. I’m very particular about what I wear! This was fun to read. I hope you have a great day, my friend!

  3. Another fashion pet peeves for me (besides the ones that you’ve so eloquently stated Ruth), is when people wear wrinkled clothing that obviously needs ironing. Also, mismatched clothing like a lovely silk midi dress/skirts with chunky shoes or Doc. Martens.

  4. I am a Birkenstocks and socks person! I wore that on the plane the other day! I wanted the ease of wearing sandals but I knew my feet would be cold. Don’t unfriend me!
    But yes to all the other ones! I never understood those cold shoulder tops either, besides the fact that it doesn’t make sense (warm or cold, what do you want?!) it is rare that the person wearing said top has the shoulders for it anyway.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Haha!! Oh no! When I wrote this I was afraid I might offend someone! I would never unfriend you xx

  5. Deceiving mannequins are the WORST!! How do the designers not realize they don’t fit well when they’re making them? Surely they see a prototype before it hits stores, fix the problem! Ugh!

  6. I’m not a fan of the open shoulder tops either. And wool definitely makes me itch! One thing I remember in a class in college was the professor saying you shouldn’t wear store logos, it’s like you’re paying them to advertise their brand! My own body makes me have the most fashion pet peeves though – I do have a large chest and it’s hard to find the right clothes for it!

  7. I am guilty of wearing leggings all day everyday, but I wear longer shirts so you don’t see my butt. I also hate socks and sandals.

  8. This was fun to read and I agree with most of these. I do sometimes wear leggings but I’m super fussy about them. And I’m always puzzled about why some girls/women insist on wearing things that are so terribly tight? It doesn’t look comfortable or flattering, but what do I know? haha

  9. OH I love how you gave this your own little twist! I ended up not participating in Let’s Look last month because I knew we had this theme coming up for today. I remember when I was in high school all the boys yelling “DORK” to anyone wearing sandals with socks and then just a few years later it seemed like that WAS the style for high school as all the boys were sporting socks with addidas sandals. So funny… and yeah, whenever I see that look I think “no!”

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Haha! My boys wear socks and Adidas slides too but usually only around the house.

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