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Hi friends and welcome to Wellness Wednesday. Life gets crazy busy, right? And sometimes taking care of ourselves ends up at the bottom of our never-ending list of things to do. So I thought why not have a special day just for us? Wellness Wednesday is all about finding simple ways to feel good, both inside and out. I’m excited to share personal tips, stories, and little things that can make a huge difference. I hope to keep it going regularly and it can be our midweek wellness boost. Ready to dive in? Today I’m sharing my own experience about my quest for lower back pain solutions that came in the form of an unlikely saviour-a podiatrist!

Dealing With Stubborn Lower Back Pain

A few years ago I had the most annoying and persistent lower back pain. The dull pain would shoot down my right leg and knee. It basically made my life a misery….Ugh! The pain would go away if I sat or lay down and I was always pain-free first thing in the morning. But sure enough, as the day went on the pain would creep in and then settle in for the whole day. And of course, working in childcare meant that I was on my feet all day long. Sometimes the pain would get so bad that I would have to lie down on the deck in the preschool playground to stretch my back. The kids thought it was hilarious but I was just trying to make it to the end of the day!

No Luck With The Physiotherapist

I went to see a physiotherapist who worked on my back weekly for about two months and still, I got no pain relief. Now don’t get me wrong I think physios are great. Years ago I had a back spasm and the physiotherapist did wonders for me and the treatment really did the trick. But this time around my pain just didn’t improve. Just by chance, I met another physiotherapist at my husband’s swim club and I told her all about my woes and she suggested that I might have spondylitis, which is an inflammation of the vertebrae. When I got home I googled spondylitis then panicked and pictured myself in a back brace forever.

The Unexpected Turn: A Focus on Orthotics for Lower Back Pain Solution

It was my husband who suggested I visit his podiatrist and I was so sceptical! I was convinced that there was no way a podiatrist could offer me any solution. After all, I thought they just dealt with feet and my feet were fine (or so I thought)! My back was the problem! But by then the pain was really getting me down and at that point, I was willing to try anything.

The amazing podiatrist I saw took the time to examine me thoroughly and delivered the final diagnosis. It turned out that my nagging lower back pain was all due to the lack of proper arch support in both my feet, with my right foot being the main culprit. He explained that the discomfort on the right side of my lower back was a result of my right foot’s tendency to roll inwards with each step I took. This in turn caused my right knee to be misaligned, which then sent pain signals to my lower back. It was like a chain reaction of discomfort!


The podiatrist prescribed custom-made orthotics, he took moulds of my feet using plaster and then special orthotics were made just for me based on these moulds. I went back a couple of weeks later once the orthotics were ready and I honestly didn’t expect any great results. I was full of doubt and seriously sceptical. But guess what? They worked like a charm. Once I put them in my shoes and started walking things changed almost immediately. The pain went away and it was like a mini miracle! Who would have thought that something as straightforward as orthotics turned out to be the answer I needed?

orthotics for lower back pain solution

Take a look at my orthotics. If you look at the bottom picture you can clearly see that the right one provides more arch support compared to the left. And that is exactly what I needed-that extra arch support on the right side to tackle the pain in my lower back, leg and knee.

orthotics for lower back pain solution

The podiatrist advised me to wear the orthotics mainly during working hours. So now all I wear to work are comfortable shoes that will fit my orthotics. As you can see they may not be the most glamorous, but comfort is boss!

comfortable shoes

In a nutshell, that’s my story. Wearing orthotics during work hours and opting for shoes that accommodate them has been a total game changer. Their impact on eliminating my back pain is undeniable. So if you’re grappling with back pain, consider consulting a podiatrist. It could be a worthwhile option to explore!



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  1. Alexandra Hurbis-Oshima

    Hi Ruth
    I’m also suffering from back pain but also pain in my feet-I don’t know if it’s my shoes,my weight,my jobs…or something else or all of the above.Would you be willing to share your podiatrist’s name??maybe it would help my issues too

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