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Friday Favourites

Hi everyone I hope that you all had an amazing week! It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika to share a few of this week’s favourites.

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While going back to the work routine on Monday was not really a favourite. It was good to start the term with a pupil-free day. It meant that we had a chance to settle in, set up the playrooms, have meetings and enjoy a special lunch as a team. Food is always the way to my heart so when our director ordered Subway and sushi-  well, I was practically dancing with joy!


Continuing with one of my favourite subjects: food! During the school holidays, Steve made me lunch almost every day while I worked on smashing through some not-so-fun assessment tasks. Food is incredibly motivating!

a bread roll

I could say that doing extra study is giving me more grey hairs, but that might not be entirely true. It certainly feels that way, though! Anyway, during my last trip to the hairdresser, she suggested I only colour my roots instead of always doing my entire hair, as it was drying out the ends too much.

I found this Clairol root touch-up on Amazon the other day and tried it for the first time. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to mix anything. But I think my grey roots need a mega-powerful colour punch! While the pre-mixed root touch-up is incredibly convenient. I noticed that after one wash, the semi-permanent solution is not going to last very long (insert very sad face here). However, I still think it’s a great for when you need a quick touch-up that lasts a few washes. It might also work better for those who have less aggressive grey roots than mine!

hair colour

Oh my goodness! These Bugles have become my favourite snack lately. They are so delicious and nothing like I have ever tasted before. They don’t sell these at the supermarket here but I found them at a petrol station that has a corner shelf full of American snacks! What a find!!

this week's favourites post - Bugles

My lovely friend gave me this military-style jacket, and I absolutely adore it! It’s perfect for autumn—comfortable, and it fits just right. I had a similar-colored jacket that I used to wear all the time, but it’s probably time to retire it now. Military-style jackets are definitely a must-have in any wardrobe, I think!

this week's favourites post - jacket

Now that I have quit being a plant assassin, I love having lots of greenery around the house. The other day, my cousin came over and taught me how to grow new plants by cutting them in a specific way to encourage root growth. I think it’s called propagation – oooooh I’m even learning big fancy plant terminology too! I just hope that I cut them in the right place, time will tell I guess.

this weeks favourites post - plants

Simple meals are often the best! The other night we had cheese with French baguette and steamed mussels for dinner.

cheese and wine

this week's favourites -steamed mussels

These wool socks are definitely a favourite! Now that the weather has turned cold, they are brilliant for keeping my feet warm in the preschool playground.

this week's favourites-wool socks

My biggest favourite for this week was Luke and his lovely partner coming over for dinner on Wednesday night. They came to say bye to Sam who was flying out on a one-week trip to Japan on Thursday morning. It was a last-minute plan and we had such a lovely night together. It’s been a while since we had seen Luke’s partner as she can’t make our cousin get-togethers because she works every weekend.

On my walk home from work, I stopped off at the fruit shop where they also sell a variety of frozen goodies. I bought a bag of pork and vegetable dumplings and we had them as an entree.

this week's favourites post- dumplings

For mains, we had teriyaki salmon with salads and rice. Haha, I just realised that we had a Japanese dish for dinner! It wasn’t planned as we often have this favourite meal on a Wednesday night.

this week's favourites - teriyaki salmon

Luckily, I had a frozen dessert that I bought on one of my trips to Ikea during the school holidays.

this week's favourites - dessert

Ha! I was amazed at how we put together a delicious meal so fast and happy that we had a well-stocked freezer! I’ve found that last-minute get-togethers often turn out to be the most memorable and enjoyable. While it wouldn’t have mattered if we had simply eaten plain two-minute noodles. I was certainly grateful for having done my meal planning earlier in the week!

On Thursday morning we were all up early to take Sam to the airport. I was surprised how quickly they checked in! We took a quick photo and said “Goodbye, take care, be good, look after your belongings, watch out for each other” and a whole lot of other advice. I’m sure most of it went over their heads. But we as parents must say these things even if it’s only for our own peace of mind!

this week's favourites post - saying bye at the airport

Here is Sam (wearing the Asics sloppy joe) with his buddies.

I was very relieved to see this last night!

this week's favourites - flight tracker

The boys landed safely and later on Sam reached out and messaged me sounding very excited to begin his adventure in Japan!

That brings me to the end of this week’s favourites, thank you so much for stopping by!

I hope you have an amazing weekend and If you’re a Sar Wars fan, Happy May the 4th tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Oh wow! The food from Subway looks so good. It looks a great way to start a new term at the pre-school.
    That’s a shame that the root touch up hasn’t lasted like you expected.
    You are getting good with the plant stuff. Good luck with them.
    How lovely Luke and his partner came for dinner. The food looks so good. I hope Sam has a great trip!

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