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Fun Favourites

Hello friends and hello Friday! Thanks so much for joining me today as I share a few fun favourites for this week.

Sam’s Home!

My first fun favourite is, of course, having my boy back home after his trip to Japan! Yay!! We were very excited to go and pick him up last Saturday morning. I love going to the arrivals area at the airport and seeing the joyful reunions, tears and great big hugs. I get all emotional and choked up, just like I do every time I see the final scene of ‘Love Actually’. The plane landed at 8.10 am and we waited about an hour for Sam and his friends to get through customs etc.

fun Friday post at the airport

They were so tired and sick with colds. One of the guys had gotten sick in the first few days of the trip, and then the other two fell like dominoes. Sam said they had an amazing time and he loved Japan, but he was really glad to be home. I loved hearing this because I expected that he may have had the post-holiday blues. And I wouldn’t have blamed him at all because I remember always feeling the post-camp blues when I returned home after having had so much fun with my friends at church camp.

Souvenirs From Japan

Sam brought back a whole pile of snacks for us and the cousins.

fun favourites-Japanese snacks

Some of Sam’s stories about his trip have had me in stitches, while others not so much. For instance, I’m glad I was blissfully oblivious to the fact that they spent most of the trip riding electric scooters in traffic minus helmets. According to Sam, the traffic isn’t as bad in Japan as it is here in Sydney and helmets are recommended but not compulsory for adults. Interesting!

Ha! This miniature soba noodle set he brought back for me is just the cutest!

fun favourites-miniature noodles set

He also got me a Curious George fold-up bag from a monkey park in Kyoto.

fun favourites - Curious George fold up bag

A Samurai sword letter opener for his dad.

fun favourites letter opener

A Pokémon plush for his big brother haha!

Pokemon plush

As well as some Attack On Titan books and Magic cards.

fun favourites-souvenirs from Japan

None of us expected any souvenirs and I thought Sam did amazing with his choices for us.

Winter Gala 2024

Another fun favourite was seeing my cousin perform at the Winter Gala. She dances the Bachata with a dance studio and she delivered a fantastic performance with her partner and the rest of the group. I’m always amazed at how effortless partner dancing looks when other people do it. I’m terrible at it and always end up leading, which is a real mess because I don’t know how to partner dance at all!

Winter Gala

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Days are tough and I guess they always will be. I felt sad for most of the morning, but then I gradually cheered up after receiving some beautiful Mother’s Day wishes from my family as well as some super kind and thoughtful texts from friends. My beautiful friend sent me this photo of her gorgeous kids (I love these two!) and a rainbow.


I love that she always sends me rainbow pics whenever she sees one. For us, it’s a symbol that our mums are reaching out to us, and sure enough, on a rainy and miserable Mother’s Day, they did just that. Hi Mum!

In the end Mothers Day turned out to be a perfectly low key day, which is exactly what I needed. Sam was still recovering from an ear infection, so we stayed home, ordered take away and watched the Barbie movie. I had already seen it but Sam and Steve hadn’t, and since it was Mothers Day, they were happy to watch it with me. Sam enjoyed it and Steve said it was the best movie he had ever seen – after he woke up.

Mid-week Dinner With Friends

Another fun favourite was having a mid-week event to look forward to. Our friends invited us over for dinner on Wednesday night, and we had such a lovely night. These friends are more like family than friends, and we have known them forever. We’ve shared all the highs and lows that life has thrown our way. Friends like this are priceless!

fun favourites-dinner with friends

For dessert, we had some chocolates and nougat–my favourite! Yum, I hadn’t had any nougat since Christmas and I more than made up for it.


Blue Skies

A big favourite this week was finally seeing some blue sky after so many rainy days. I snapped this pic while I was walking home after finishing work on Thursday. Blue skies make me happy!

sunny day

Self-Care At Work

Our director at work put a self-care sign with cute illustrations on the staff room fridge and I think it’s full of great tips. I’m happy that I work with some uplifting colleagues and I’m also lucky enough to be able to call two of them my besties!

Self care sign

And that’s a wrap for a few of this week’s fun favourites! Thank you so much for being here and I hope you have an amazing weekend. I look forward to being back here on Monday.

See ya!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Favourites”

  1. So glad your boy is back! It sounds like they had a good time despite feeling less than 100%. Those souvenirs are great. My husband slept through the Barbie movie too.

  2. How lovely to have Sam home. It sounds like he had a fab time and all of the treats look brilliant. That bag is so cute and my youngest would love the Attack On Titan books.
    Sending love and hugs. I am glad you had a nice Mother’s Day. x

  3. Steve on the Barbie movie – haha!! I thought it was better the second time I saw it, I picked up on more of the dialogue instead of being overwhelmed with all of the outfits and scenery.
    How thoughtful of Sam to bring home those souvenirs. How fun! It seems half of my instagram is in Japan so I’ve been feeling inspired to check it out.

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