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Hey there, friends! And hello, Monday! I was going to recap my weekend. But it was pretty much filled with finishing off a bunch of assessment tasks. Along with some food prep and household chores to get myself ready for the week. Productive, but not very exciting, right? And as my two-week break wrapped up, the idea of jumping back to work was constantly on my brain. Time just flew by so fast!! So this morning after the alarm went off, I lay in bed for a few more precious minutes scrolling through some funny inspirational quotes to give myself a big dose of motivation. Funny inspirational quotes are my go-to because humour is always my instant mood booster! So I thought I’d share some of these with you to kickstart your week with a smile – in case you’re struggling just like me!

funny inspirational quotes

Inspirational quote

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

funny inspirational quotes

Why Funny Inspirational Quotes Are My Favourite!

They’re Memorable

I really believe that a funny inspirational quote will always stick in my mind easier than a seriously profound one. Profound and serious is good, but I get lost when they are too wordy and long.

They Lift My Spirits

I prefer short and funny inspirational quotes because they’re like a double-shot cappuccino- they wake me up with a jolt of energy and they also give me a good chuckle! Life is too short to be gloomy.

They’re For Everyone

No matter where you’re from, I think that humour is very relatable.

You Can Spread The Joy

They’re great for sharing because it’s good to sprinkle joy wherever you go!

They Remind Me Not To Take Life too Seriously

Funny inspirational quotes remind me that it’s ok to not have everything figured out. Because the person who came up with the quote is probably going through “stuff” too!

Thanks so much for being here today and in case you might need some Monday motivation you can find it here!

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8 thoughts on “Funny Inspirational Quotes”

  1. I love a good quote. Your samples of funny inspirational quotes just made my day. Thank you! I hope your work return is easy today. Happy Monday! #MMBC

  2. I particularly like the one about wrinkles. In this age of botox and facial peels (both of which I do not do), it is nice to be reminded that wrinkles often translate to a life well lived.

  3. These are fabulous! I love funny inspirational quotes too. I just love anything that makes me smile or laugh.

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