May edition of Currently

May Edition of Currently

Hello friends! It’s time to link up with Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness for the May edition of Currently. This month we are chatting about what we are currently loving, looking forward to, seeing, reading and wanting. Let’s go!


As much as I don’t love the cooler months, I do love the coziness of the season. But I guess I’m saying that now because the weather has been so warm and sunny up until Tuesday this week. My cozy sentiments will probably go out the window once the temps start to really drop!

So in the spirit of staying in the moment, I will say that I have been loving all the cozy things like lighting candles in the evening, wearing my fuzzy fleecy robe in the chilly mornings, drinking sweet tea or hot chocolate in the evenings and eating comfort food. Although, I have to be honest and say that I eat comfort food all year round! It just sounds better to say I’m eating it in the cooler months. Hehe.

Looking Forward To

It’s May the 4th on Saturday and because we are a Star Wars loving family. I am going to the afternoon Return of The Jedi screening at Cronulla cinema with some of my cousins. The cinema is holding a Star Wars movie marathon…hmmm…it’s very tempting to go and see all the three originals!


I’m back to seeing busy hands at preschool again.

currently in May


I have been reading a whole lot of subtitles lately! There’s a fantastic Swedish series on Netflix called “Bonus Family” that I’m totally addicted to. And then there’s the Japanes anime  “Attack on Titan” I’ve been watching with Sam. We started watching this series a while ago but then we hit pause because we both got so busy. So we’ve been catching up on a few episodes this week.


Last year our local farmer’s markets had the best mandarins I have ever tasted. They were so sweet and juicy! I bought a few mandarins from the supermarket the other day and they were yuck, dry, stringy and tasteless. So I have been wanting to go back to the farmer’s market to buy some mandarins! I hope to make it there this Saturday!

And that’s a wrap for the May edition of Currently. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you have an amazing Wednesday!

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