All About Spring

Hey everyone it’s so good to be back again for this month’s fun Monthly Musings link-up with Holly and Patty. This month’s topic is All About Spring. And even though spring is a few months away for us because it’s Autumn over here in Australia. I’m excited to talk all about spring and everything that makes this season so delightful! In addition to the general excitement of the season. Today we are going to chat about favourite spring fashion pieces, delicious meals, spring traditions and a whole lot more. So let’s dive right in!

All About Spring

Favourite Spring Fashion Pieces

I love wearing black and neutral colours. But once the weather warms up I find that I am just itching to wear something light and fresh. I don’t really tend to go for floral patterns. And when it comes to favourite spring pieces I usually like to wear anything that is neutral-coloured and add a touch of soft pink or blush.

jeans for a little this and a little that post and all about spring

I also really love my light-coloured jeans. And after months of wearing dark denim and black pants. I am so ready to ditch these items. It’s so refreshing to embrace the lighter and brighter side of fashion in spring.

Favourite Spring Scent

When it comes to favourite spring scents there is nothing quite like the fresh invigorating aromas that fill the air during this time of the year. Spring is all about the smell of blooming flowers, the scent of freshly cut grass and the zesty fragrance of citrus fruits. All of these scents just scream ‘Spring is here!’

And when it comes to fragrances my favourite one for spring is Ô De Lancôme because it has a perfect blend of all the scents that make springtime so special.

all about spring

Go To Spring Meals

Once the weather starts to warm up I get excited to whip up some fresh, colourful salads.

salad for how I keep healthy and staying warm and cozy post an all about spring

I also like to make this very easy quiche which you can enjoy both hot and cold.

easy quiche for all about spring post

And this spinach pie is also a favourite because it goes so well with a crispy fresh garden salad.

spinach pie for weekend highlights

Share A Spring Dessert Recipe

I love these simple-to-make peanut butter M&M cookies because they are full of colourful M&Ms. And spring is all about colour! Plus these are great to take to picnics or any fun get-together!

peanut butter m&m cookies

Share A Few Spring Traditions

I always go to Bunnings on the first weekend of September to buy some colourful flowering plants for our front garden. I don’t have a green thumb at all but I’m getting better at looking after plants. Go me!

Bunnings for first Monday of winter holidays

flowers for a sunny and warm weekend post

Best Spring Cleaning Hack

I think that my best spring cleaning hack is to declutter my wardrobe. It’s the perfect time to get rid of winter clothes that have seen better days. Or donate the ones that I haven’t worn at all during the colder months. It’s fun and exciting to pack away all the heavy winter clothing and pull out a fresh spring wardrobe.

Will You Plant A Garden This Year?

I’ve given up trying to grow vegetables. I used to grow tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and zucchini when my kids were little. We had some success and enjoyed gardening together despite my limited gardening skills. Now I just plant flowering plants because they look pretty and don’t need much looking after.

flowers for a sunny and warm weekend

Spring Rain…Love Or Hate?

I’m not a fan of rain EVER unless I’m tucked into bed and night and I can hear it pouring down softly. Rain just makes my hair go frizzy!

Favourite Spring Flower

Jonquils because they have a lovely sweet fragrance.

Any Spring Travel Plans This Year?

No, not really, we don’t have any big travel plans but we do want to go on our staycation to Manly (a beachside suburb) that we missed out on last month. And it’s not much fun going to the beach in autumn or winter so we have decided to postpone it until later in the year.


Even though autumn is in full swing for me right now. It’s still always exciting to look forward to spring. So I’m going to try hard to embrace the autumn vibes while I keep dreaming of the warm, sunny days and bright colourful flowers that await us in the spring!


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all about spring

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12 thoughts on “All About Spring”

  1. I can’t wait for it to start feeling like spring here in the UK. It does some days but it’s mostly still feeling like winter. Hmmf.
    I am looking forward to wearing some lighter clothing, I have a couple of spring dresses that I can’t wait to get on and show off. x

  2. Another dialect difference – we call those flowers daffodils!! I recently learned the French word for those flowers as they were in a little booklet that Quinn made – jonquilles -and now I know why! They are so cheery!

  3. Yeah I don’t have the green touch to grow vegetables either. While I do eat salad year round I tend to eat the most fresh fruit and veggies in the spring and summer.

  4. I am so looking forward to our weather warming up a little. It’s quite cold and rainy here this morning. And I can’t wait to be eating more salads too, I definitely eat better during the spring/summer months.
    Ô De Lancôme sounds really nice, I will have to try that. One of my favourite floral/spring fragrances is Eternity, Calvin Klein. I wear it all year round though, it’s soooooo nice!
    Hope you’re having a nice weekend. xx

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