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Hi there friends! Welcome to the August edition of ‘Not Just A Mom’ hosted by Adrienne, Dara, Joanne, Lauren and Sarah. The topic for this month is What’s Inside My Handbag. If I had written this post many years ago the title would have been What’s Not Inside My Handbag, You see, back then my handbag could have easily doubled as Mary Poppins magical carpet bag! I was always prepared for any emergency and my bag was full of items for just-in-case. On top of that, my kids used to love collecting things when we were out and about. So I would always have things like dead flowers, rocks, sticks and leaves laying at the bottom of my handbag. Yep, those were the days!

But now my kids are all grown up and my handbag has gone through a huge transformation – from a bottomless pit of kids’ supplies and junk. To a minimal crossbody bag that holds only the essentials. So gone are the days of lugging around a tote that could fit a small child. Now all I carry is a small crossbody bag that not only helps me stay organised but is also perfect for my daily walks to and from work. No more annoying shoulder strain and no more looking like I’m packed to go on a two-week trip!

My Everyday Cross Body Bag

Let me introduce you to my everyday leather crossbody bag.

cross body handbag from Funkis, Sydney

I bought this cute bag from one of my favourite shops Funkis. A Scandinavian design store in Paddington, Sydney. I deliberately chose a small bag so that I would never be tempted to fill it with things that I didn’t absolutely need.

Let’s Take A Peek At What’s Inside My Handbag

what's inside my handbag


wallet for what's inside my handbag post 

The most important item is my wallet and I have a small one that fits neatly inside my bag. I love that it has a zipper that goes all the way around and keeps everything secure. It also has different sections for bills coins and a few cards. It’s a great design that helps me stay organised and makes things easier.


Again I stuck to the theme of keeping things small and compact. So when I updated my phone back in 2020 I went for the iPhone SE.


keys inside my handbag

I have two keys on my key holder, my car key and my house key. The great thing about this larger key holder is that its easy to grab without rummaging through my things. Small key holders somehow like to sink to the bottom of even the smallest bags, making them harder to find quickly.


I keep my favourite shade of lipstick nestled in my bag.

lipstick inside my handbag


Sometimes I get allergies and I also have gustatory rhinitis. This is a big name that means my nose runs whenever I eat LOL. If you’re curious to learn about this quirky aspect of my life then you can read this in my post 25 things you don’t know about me.

tissues inside my handbag

Fold-up Carry Bag

fold up carry bag

It’s so handy to keep a foldable bag that holds so much. It’s perfect for impromptu stops at the grocery shop and a really practical must-have.



You never know when you might need one!

Small Card Wallet

card wallet

I keep most of my cards on an app on my phone but I still have a few cards that I keep in this cute card wallet.

Hand Sanitiser

hand sanitiser


I can’t keep hand sanitiser inside my small handbag because it won’t fit. Instead I have this cute case that holds a small bottle of sanitiser and clips to any bag-its a perfect solution !

And that sums up what’s inside my bag. I absolutely love my crossbody bag-it’s my trusted companion in helping me to keep things simple. Thanks so much for joining me today and taking a peek into my bag.

You can click here if you would like to read another post about 8 Essential Handbags for Women.

Have a wonderful day!

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14 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Handbag”

  1. Ahh! I remember the days of having everything in my bag for the kids and things they have collected. I used to carry rocks about for fun. lol
    What a cute bag and I love the clip on hand sanitiser case, what a great idea. x

  2. I switched to a small cross body bag some years back. You’re so right about having too much in you handbag. I found that the larger bag hurt my shoulder and neck when I was wearing it. Now I just carry essentials like you and it really makes life easier. #MMBC

  3. I really like your hand bag. And I should find a classy Kleenex holder instead of always having a wadded up ball because it’s true — I never know when my nose is going to run.

  4. I love your bag. I did a similar thing a few years bag but made it into a youtube video. It’s amazing how many people like to nosey what’s in your bag. now I have a fabulous pannier which fits over the side of my wheelchair and it contains very much the same as yours, but I also have a pocket of medication for emergencies. I have ALWAYS got a pen on me and tissues and my favourites lipstick although I rarely wear it.

  5. I love your key chains! And your little card wallet, I had a Kate Spade one for years until it finally bit the dust, my current one is a different brand, but same idea.
    Thanks for remembering to link up with us today 😉

  6. My boys and I were just remarking last week that my purse hand sanitizer is missing and none of us knows what happened to it! I seriously think the last time we can all remember having it for sure was when we were in Disney last August! I need to get another small bottle and holder for us all.

  7. I need to get a fold up bag to keep in my purse. So many stores only offer paper and you have to pay for the bags but I always forget my bags in my car. That small one would be perfect

  8. It was a great day when I didn’t need to carry a bag big enough to hold all my kids’ stuff as well as my own! Very nice little cross-body bag – and I like the big keyring. I have the same problem with my keys, so my keyring is a little hook so it stays anchored on the side of whatever bag I put it in.

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