Ikea 2023

Ikea August 2023

Hi friends, today I’m sharing the fun we had last Saturday. My sweet friend and I decided to indulge in a little retail therapy and interior decorating inspo at none other than our local Ikea. We headed over to the ever-convenient Tempe store which just happens to be a breezy ten-minute drive from my place. I love how its close proximity means that I could pop in there any time. Even though I don’t, it’s nice knowing that I could. Living so close to Ikea came in incredibly handy a couple of years back when we renovated our kitchen. There were a few times when I needed to make quick trips to either return or exchange items. Having the store almost just around the corner was a real lifesaver and it’s a convenience I love!

What I Love About Ikea

Endless Inspiration: When I walk into Ikea it’s like going into a world where every corner oozes creativity and style. The room setups are so beautifully designed and I always get fresh ideas for my own home. Ikea always has endless possibilities and so much decorating inspiration.

Affordable Finds: Although I did notice some price increases, you can still find so many stylish and practical gems at Ikea without emptying your wallet.

Smart Design Solutions: I’m all about making my space work for me, and Ikea totally gets it. They’ve got loads of clever designs, perfect for small homes like mine. Ikea is my go-to for making my place feel organised and cozy.

Cafeteria Delights: The cafeteria is a nice spot to take a break and enjoy a bite of some delicious Swedish fare.

My Recent Visit To Ikea

What struck me the most about this visit was that there seems to be a shift in design direction. It was like a blast from the past with big bold pops of colour and patterns that transported me back to the groovy vibes of the 70s and the funky freshness of the 80s.

Neutrals and greys have now taken a back seat as vibrant hues and daring prints are moving into the limelight. I’m not sure how I feel about this as neutral tones have my heart forever. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see so many colourful decor items, furniture and textiles. Trends usually make a comeback, don’t they? And it seems that we are now heading in a very colourful direction when it comes to home decor.

colourful decor


So many colourful textile and bedding choices!

Ikea bedding

cushion covers

Even some of the furniture now comes in bright bold colours. Orange and a soft shade of green seem to be the predominant colours at Ikea in 2023.

Ikea green lovbacken side table

Colourful Marketplace Finds

Moving onto the marketplace where tablecloths, kitchen gadgets and decor items all featured bright colours too.

colourful tablecloth

Ikea fruit cutters

I can’t help but think of the kitchen from ‘The Brady Bunch’ when I see this shade of orange and green combo. There was a very bold 70s vibe in the kitchen section at Ikea!

vegetable spiralizer

I felt tempted to buy this vegetable spiralizer but I resisted (If only they came in white!).

shopping bags

These eco-friendly string bags now come in two different colours to make your shopping experience happy!

cactus shape watering can

I spotted some big quirky green cactus-shaped watering cans. Even though I can’t say they would be my preferred choice, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them because they are so fun and silly!

water canister

A water container that doubles as a kettlebell. Why not? I guess it’s a good way of staying in shape and hydrated. Ikea thinks of everything!

green decor horse

These horses seem to come out yearly featuring on-trend colours. I think last year they were grey and this year they are green of course!

colourful lighting

The lighting section also offered some fun and colourful strip lights.

The Ikea Cafeteria

Ikea cafeteria

One of my favourite things to do while on a big shopping trip to Ikea is to stop at the cafeteria for a bite to eat. I was on the lookout for the delicious open sandwich but I couldn’t find any. Ikea seems to have really simplified their menu and the fridge section was pretty bare. I really hope they bring back more of the old favourites they offered before covid.


My friend and I ordered the delicious and healthy salmon. I know it looks kind of bland but trust me-it tasted awesome!

lemon drink

I couldn’t resist a cup of this delicious fizzy pear drink. It was really refreshing and not too sweet at all so I went back for more. Walking around the huge Ikea maze was like a workout and it made me thirsty!

So there you have it friends, a little peek into my very colourful Ikea adventure. I absolutely love this place and never get tired of visiting. It’s an amazing world of endless creativity and design magic where I am guaranteed to uncover inspiration, storage solutions and some fantastic affordable finds (as long as I resist the urge to fill up my trolley!)

name graphic



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6 thoughts on “Ikea August 2023”

  1. My eyes went immediately to the pink & yellow stripes and the pink & white stripes. And those colorful tables!!! I need an Ikea run ASAP!

    I always go for the Ikea meatballs and the ligonberry sauce. lol

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this Ikea shopping trip with us! I’m all kinds of excited now.

  2. Wow, so many fun colours! I haven’t been to our IKEA for awhile, but we will probably head there again soon as we start thinking about some more design ideas for our house. I love how they have options for tiny spaces, not everyone has a sprawling modern home!

  3. I have never been to an IKEA in my entire life, so I am loving these photos! I am happy to see that color seems to be making a comeback! I love bright colors. The 80’s were so awesome!

  4. I have never ever been to an Ikea, the nearest one’s are on retail parks which are always miles from us. I do love the things that they sell though.
    I love a bit of colour in my home so I love those bedding and cushions and my girls would love those strip lights in their bedrooms. x

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