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Friday Favourites

Hi there friends! It’s time for Friday favourites with Andrea and Erika and I’m so glad you’re here. I am super excited that it’s finally the weekend because it sure felt like a long week. I think that the reason why it felt so long was maybe because I had a bumpy start with Monday putting my resilience to the test. Working at preschool is always an adventure and when you throw in a rainy day. Well, you get the picture! Anyway, now it’s time to welcome the weekend and share some of this weeks favourites.


Monday night we caught up with a group of our friends and we went to the local RSL to enjoy a nice meal. We had finished eating and we were chatting when the women’s soccer game came on the big screen that was right in front of us. It was Australia versus Denmark and Australia won! It was fun watching the game together, cheering for our team and hearing the whole club go wild when the Aussies scored a goal.

women soccer for the weekend post


This week I got a Mac desktop computer and I love it. The screen is so huge compared to my laptop!

desktop computer for the weekend post


This work truck has been parked on my street all week. I walk past it every day and it makes me smile because it reminds me of how much Sam loved Lightning McQueen when he was a toddler. He used to carry a little Lightning McQueen car in his hand all the time. We must have watched the movie a zillion times and I’m sure that back then I could probably recite the whole movie word for word!

lightning McQueen truck for the weekend post


Wednesday night Steve and I treated ourselves to a fabulous dinner. We both had lobster mornay, crunchy golden chips and salad.

lobster dinner

We decided to skip dessert and chose to go home and watch more Blue Bloods. Can you tell that we are so addicted? I popped the cork on a nice bottle of red wine from California.

red wine

It’s been ages since I’ve used a corkscrew as most wines now seem to come with a screwtop lid. We enjoyed a glass (or two) while savouring the rich flavours of Lindt dark chocolate.

Lindt dark chocolate

What an amazing combination and surely it must count as a healthy treat with all those antioxidants in the red wine and dark chocolate!


Thursday night I nearly stayed home and skipped bible study because I felt so tired. But I’m glad that I went because it was super encouraging and challenging. This term we are looking at a book called ‘The Generosity Project’.

The Generosity Project

This weeks study was all about how we can be generous with our time and efforts towards those people in our lives who are less than pleasant to be around.

The Generosity Project

And that’s a wrap! I’m keeping it short and sweet today but I want to say a big thank you for stopping by to read about a few favourites from the week. I have some fun things planned for the weekend but I’m also looking forward to some relaxing downtime. And I feel like I could really use a fresh start and recharge. I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to and I got all confused with the timing of a couple of link ups. This is what happens when I miss writing my monthly plan. See here – it’s empty!


Normally I write down all of the posts that I plan to write for the month. But somehow I missed August so one of my weekend goals is to get back on track. Better late than never! Hopefully I will post more often next week.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and I look forward to being back here on Monday.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Hooray for the weekend!
    I have been following the women’s world cup. Australia are doing well, along with England. Both in the quarter finals and I’ve just realised if both win it will be Australia V’s England in the semi final. Eek!
    How exciting to get a Mac desktop! Very fancy. Have fun with it. x

  2. The Mac desktop screens are so big! I use a laptop myself so whenever I use my mom’s Mac I feel like I’m using a big screen TV or something! And that sounds like a delicious dinner you went out to!

  3. I really enjoy these posts and this link-up. Sounds like some fun favorites this week. Your Bible study sounds like it is going to be a good one. I just heard they changed teachers for my favorite Bible study. I was so looking forward to it resuming – but, now, not so much. Maybe I’ll just get myself some dark chocolate – that is the solution for everything:I)

  4. I’m enjoying a chilled out weekend too. Sometimes it’s just nice to do much of nothing isn’t it?!
    Happy new MAC! I absolutely love mine. I would be lost without it.
    Bible study sounds interesting and such a nice way to bring people together. Hope you have a lovely week ahead Ruth. xx

  5. Oh yes! My boys used to watch Cars a lot too and I know so much of that movie by heart. I was surprised to find that my August (and Sept. & October) blog planning pages were blank too so I’ve been working on filling them in.

  6. I do miss having a desk top. I might just re-arrange my bedroom and make room for a new desk! When I have my treatment at home I might be able to work at the same time. (I have a thing about no, laptops on the bed, they get way too hot!) That lobster looks absolutely delicious!!

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