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The Last Week Of Preschool

Hi friends and Happy Friday!! It’s so nice to see the weekend again. I can hardly believe that next week is the last week of preschool! How did that even happen?? We’ve had such a lovely class and I’m sad to see the big kids go off to big school. We do have some of the younger children returning for another year, so it will be great to see them again. This past week has been super busy as well as fun and I’m happy to share with you some of my favourites. So let’s jump right in!!


Having the house decorated is a huge favourite! I was running a bit low on energy and time so I’m really glad I finally got it done. On Monday I shared a little Christmas home tour. The other night before I turned off the lights I was looking at some of the decorations on my tree that some preschool children have given to me as gifts over the years. Many of them are well and truly grown up now!! I’m so glad that I made sure to write the name of the child who gave me the Christmas decoration and the date.


Sunday morning I went out for brunch with Steve. We just went to a local cafe and enjoyed a bagel with scrambled egg, bacon, and avocado. It was supposed to come with salmon instead of bacon but they ran out of salmon. I was actually a bit disappointed, it was delicious but I would have definitely preferred the salmon. I was so hungry I nearly forgot to take a photo. Then I only remembered after I had already started eating.

scrambled eggs for end of preschool post

We enjoyed listening to some live music while we ate. There was a music festival run by the local community youth theatre group. So all the little cafes in the street hosted some very talented singers.

Normally I like to have a coffee but I ordered a chai latte instead. I’m glad I did, it was yummy!!

chai latte

I finally started some Christmas shopping. It’s so easy for me to get distracted and start looking at things I like. The Pandora bracelets were so pretty that I was very tempted but I resisted. Then thankfully I snapped myself out of it and got into some serious Christmas shopping for my family and friends.

bracelets for end of preschool

I spotted this sign and it made me laugh!

funny sign


During the week I made some burgers and they were a big favorite. According to my son, they were the best I have ever made! Cool! I’ll take that compliment any day!!

burgers for end of preschool post


I bought this creamy vodka pasta sauce from Williams Sonoma for a quick and easy pasta meal. I had never tried it before and to be honest I rarely buy ready-made sauces as I prefer to make my own. But every day has been so busy that I thought I would give myself a break and try this sauce. I didn’t expect it to be so good!! It tasted amazing and I could kick myself for not buying more. I don’t go to Williams Sonoma very often because it’s about a 30-minute train ride to get there. The pasta sauce is worth the trip there so I will have to go back in the school holidays.



We went out for our monthly pool supporters dinner at our local club. The club had some fun Christmas decorations and my friend took a photo of me with this handsome guy we met in the foyer.

me with a Christmas decoration for end of preschool post


To celebrate our last meeting of the pool supporters for the year we had some cocktails. I enjoyed a cosmopolitan which came garnished with some dry edible flowers.



I finally did what I had been meaning to do for months!! I got rid of all my DVD covers and put my DVDs inside this case I ordered on Amazon. So many DVDs were able to fit into such a small case it was amazing! This task was on my list of things to get rid of to declutter my home.

decluttering for end of preschool post


I have been going through my list of favourite Christmas movies and thoroughly enjoying them but I felt like watching this the other day. It’s an oldy but a goody!

movie cover


We had party day today at preschool. Our preschool runs by sessions so that means that children can only come on set consecutive days and we don’t offer five-day places. Children can either attend one, two, or three days.

Anyway, today was the party for the children who attend from Wednesday to Friday. We have another party planned next week for the children who come to preschool at the beginning of the week.

We enjoyed some pizza for lunch, the children watched the concert video we filmed of them last week. There was a game of pin the nose on Rudolph, and lots of dancing. So much fun!!


Tonight we are all going out for our staff Christmas dinner. We’re going to a Mediterranean restaurant and getting all dressed up!! Working with kids all the time means that any occasion which requires dressing up is a big deal and a cause for much excitement!!

Happy Friday Friends!

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