A Weekend Of Ups And Downs

Happy Monday Friends! Well, it certainly was a weekend of ups and downs. Friday night started off strong with a fun Christmas work dinner but unfortunately, Sunday night was a real low as we ended up in the emergency department. But thankfully everything worked out all ok in the end!

Friday Night Fun

For this year’s staff Christmas dinner we all went to a fancy Greek restaurant. I just love Greek food and there was so much of it I almost wished that I had worn big elasticized pants!! I had worked at preschool on Friday and admittedly I was a bit tired after a full day. So when I got to the hairdressers for my appointment to have a quick wash and blow-dry. I found it so hard to not fall asleep! There’s something about having my hair done that almost sends me into a sleepy trance.

Speaking of hair, oh my goodness, am I sure glad I went to the hairdressers. As you may know, I am in a constant battle with my frizzy hair, and because Friday was such a miserable rainy day. There was no way that I could have tamed my hair, as well as my hairdresser did!!

So Much Delicious Food!

All the ladies looked beautiful and I think everyone enjoyed being out of their usual preschool teacher clothes. We were all starving and excited for the entree of Greek dips and bread.

greek dips for a weekend of ups and downs

greek dips for a weekend of up and downs

We indulged in some delicious cocktails

cocktails for a weekend of ups and downs

cocktail for a weekend of ups and downs

Followed by more dishes. There was salad and halloumi drizzled with honey. I have never tasted such delicious halloumi.

halloumi for a weekend of ups and downs

Then Balmain bugs

Balmain bugs

Grilled octopus

grilled octopus



Carrots with fetta

carrots with feta for a weekend of ups and downs

and lastly, a shoulder of lamb slow cooked with delicious herbs !!! See what I mean by so much food? We ended up sharing the lamb to take home.


We finished off with pannacotta and coffee for dessert. Phew, what a food marathon!!!



Luckily we had no Saturday plans so I slept in for a bit longer and then in the afternoon, I went to Bunnings to exchange a clothesline. My husband had bought a bright sunny yellow one to replace our old broken grey one. He couldn’t understand why I preferred the grey one??

yellow clothesline

grey clothesline

Anyway, after I changed it for a grey one I went home and with the help of my younger son Sam, I managed to rewire the clothesline. I did get a bit tangled up and had flashbacks to when I was putting up the Christmas lights. My husband was at work and probably very happy to avoid this task. He’s a great chef but when it comes to handyman jobs, let’s just say it’s not his thing! Ha!


In the evening I filled my Christmas tray with chocolates that I had received as a present from one of the lovely preschool children. I was very good and I only had two and then settled in to watch a Christmas movie from my list of favourites.



Sunday started off strong but then fell apart in the late evening. It was another nice lazy morning and I spent much of the day just pottering around the house. Steve went to work in the afternoon and I watched not one but two romcoms.

I love this one


and then while I was making dinner I watched Bridget Jones Diary for the first time. I really enjoyed it and I’m not quite sure why I have never watched it before. I’m pretty sure everyone I know has.

After dinner, I surprised my mum by taking her out to look at some local Christmas lights.

Christmas lights

This house was definitely the best one and funnily enough, it turns out that I knew the people who lived there!

Christmas lights for a weekend of ups and downs

christmas lights

On the way home we stopped off at Mcdonalds and I bought some fries for my mum (she loves fries) and I had a Happy Meal with a strawberry milkshake.

A Trip To The Emergency Department

I got home and was just about to go to bed when Sam, my 17 year old showed me an abscess on his leg. Without going into any yucky details, let’s just say that as soon as I saw it I knew we needed to see a doctor. He had shown it to me about three days before and I thought it looked small enough and would probably go away but boy was I wrong. Then I got all the guilts because I honestly forgot about it (cringe!!)

Sam had fun plans to go to his friends for a sleepover. They like to pitch a tent in his friend’s backyard and have a campout. So I thought that if we went to emergency and got his leg seen then he might have been ok to go. Well, that was overly optimistic!!

We arrived at the hospital around 11.30 pm Sunday night and didn’t leave until 6.30 am Monday morning. It was so strange walking out and seeing daylight. By that stage, we were both wide awake and completely disoriented. I almost felt jet-lagged. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were great but it was a busy night so we had to wait for what felt like forever!

walking out of the hospital

No Sleepover for Sam

Anyway, they did what they did to the abscess and now Sam is on strong antibiotics. And unfortunately, he had to miss the sleepover. His friends were so sweet, they dropped off a handmade card and a note for me begging me to let him go and promising to take care of him. But it really wasn’t up to me, he was under the doctors’ orders to rest. Anyway, his friends have assured him they will do the sleepover again soon! Poor little Sam. He’s over 6 foot tall but he’s little Sam to me.

So that’s it, a weekend of ups and downs for sure!! Today I ended up taking the day off from work. There was no way I could have gone to work with no sleep. Well, it turns out I’m not a good day sleeper and I only got about two hours so it is going to be an early night for me!!

Happy Monday Friends!

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