It’s Monday

Hi friends it’s Monday and the weekend sure went by way too fast!! Can you believe we are only days away from Christmas…DAYS!! Ok, I better stop saying that because I’m freaking myself out. I’m not as ready for Christmas as I would like to be and I still have a stack of things to do. Apart from this, I am so excited about this week because I finish work on Tuesday and then I’m officially on summer holidays! Woohoo!!

Back To The City For More Christmas Shopping

The weekend flew by but I was able to get some more Christmas shopping done which was great. I went into the city (again) this weekend and I was amazed by the size of the crowds. There were so many people everywhere!! I recently had covid so I think that I should be immune at least for a short while. But to make sure that I stayed safe I did wear my mask on the train and in the shops just in case.

Crowds shopping

The city is so pretty at Christmas time.

Christmas in Sydney

I especially love the Strand Arcade and so I took a couple of quick pics and then I kept ploughing through the crowds to get my shopping done.

The Strand Arcade Sydney

the strand arcade

the strand arcade

I really want to go back and see the big Christmas tree at Martin Place this week. It’s been two years since I have seen it and it’s on my December bucket list too!

A Visit To Ikea

I also made a quick trip to Ikea. There was nothing that I desperately needed to get but I love seeing their Christmas items. I did leave with a few things that I didn’t know I needed apart from the Christmas wrapping paper. It’s almost impossible to leave Ikea empty-handed.

Ikea shopping

I bought this mulled fruit drink which is very sweet and delicious. The best part was that it was half-price. Normally they cost $7.00 a bottle so I only get one or two at the most. But this time I bought four bottles!

I also bought this gingerbread house from Ikea and it was half price too!

Ikea gingerbread house

The Aldi gingerbread house kit that I usually buy was different this year. The house was already put together and ready to decorate. I didn’t think that this was much fun so I gave it a miss. I was happy to find this cute Ikea gingerbread house and I’m looking forward to putting it together and decorating it when I get a spare minute. (fingers crossed that I get a spare minute)


One of the things on my December bucket list is to make homemade eggnog. So this weekend I did just that and now I can tick this off my list as done. Friends, it was so delicious and super easy to make too. As much as I liked the supermarket one. This one is hands down so much better! I am going to share the recipe soon so stay tuned.



Sam and I sipped our eggnog and watched ‘The Santa Clause’. It’s the first time that either of us had watched it and we both really enjoyed it!

watching a Christmas movie for it's Monday

What’s Happened To Summer?

And here it is….this week’s Sydney weather report. We are all seriously asking each other the same question. What has happened to summer???? It has been cloudy, rainy, and windy and the temps have only reached the low 20s during the day. At night it’s been even colder. We have had a handful of really beautiful days and that’s about it. But on the upside, I am still cooking comfort foods like this delicious and super easy lasagna.

easy lasagna for it's Monday

We have also been enjoying hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate. This just seems so crazy because December is typically a very hot month!

tea for it's Monday post

Sunday Lunch

After church, I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for lunch. I hadn’t seen them for a while and it was so great to catch up with them. I gave them a small gift of a poinsettia plant and a panettone.

panettone for It's Monday post

Panettones are originally from Italy but south Americans typically eat them during the Christmas season. I’m not a huge fan but I did like this particular brand that I tried last year for the first time. I remember that it also got a tick of approval from my mum who was a panettone connoisseur and a tough critic! hehe.

Ok so that just about sums up my weekend. How was yours? I hope that it was a good one ?

Thanks so much for being here today and I really hope that you have the best week.

Happy Monday!

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10 thoughts on “It’s Monday”

  1. We love the Santa Clause! And it was filmed in Toronto 🙂 Unfortunately because of the movie, no one seems to know how to spell Santa Claus anymore! My husband is literally at IKEA as I read this and I told him to find that mulled drink.

  2. Christmas seems so close now. I hope you have a great one. It does look so busy in the city. I chickened out of going shopping on Saturday as I knew it would be so busy.
    Have fun decorating your gingerbread house, we have ours to do this week. I love the sound of the egg nog, every year I say I will make it and I never do. x

  3. You’ve made me want to go shopping now, even though I tend to avoid busy places, I just want to see the decorations. Problem is, we have no transport as our car broke down and the train are on strike so the buses are a nightmare. I’ll stay home and look at everyone else’s decorations online instead. Have a very Happy Christmas, I hope it warms up soon! We had snow the other day, but we are not going to be having a white Christmas! x

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Oh no so sorry to hear that your car broke down. I hope that it gets fixed soon. Thanks so much for your lovely comments this year Anne. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xxx

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