easy meals to make for others

Easy Meals to Make For Others

Hi everyone! It’s time to link up with Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne and Sarah for the June edition of ‘Share Our Lives’. Today we are sharing some easy meals to make for others. I love food — talking about food, dreaming about food and of course, eating all the food! So sharing some easy meal ideas we can whip up for me I mean others, is going to be fun and helpful.

I’ve made a list of meals I love to make for friends and family. But they’re not just for gatherings. Many of these dishes are perfect to take to someone who is feeling under the weather, celebrating a new addition to the family or is going through a rough patch and could use a little pick me up. After all, food isn’t just about fueling our bodies; it’s about nourishing the soul too!

Easy Meals to Make For Others

Meals For a Crowd

Our family gets together for what we affectionately call ‘Cousin Connect’ dinner on the first Saturday of every month. We take turns hosting, and the host is responsible for preparing the mains. So, when it’s my turn, I go for dishes that are firstly, very easy to make, can be made ahead of time, hearty and satisfying as well as crowd-pleasing! With 13 of us in total, we sure know how to eat like a crowd!

For starters, one of my go-to dishes is lasagna. Yum, you can’t go wrong with a big tray of lasagna—layers of lasagna noodles and a rich tomato-based sauce, creamy ricotta, and lots of melty, cheesy goodness! It’s such a timeless classic and best of all, you can make it ahead of time.

cooking lasagna

I also love that I can customise it. Lasagna doesn’t always have to be made with beef! You can make it with chicken or turkey mince or make a vegetarian version loaded with lots of roasted vegetables.


Another easy meal I like to make for our family get-togethers is a big bowl of pasta.

April Cousin Connect- pasta dish

Fall-apart roasted pork leg is a meal that goes a long way. You can enjoy it with a variety of sides, such as roasted vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, or rice. And if you happen to have leftovers, you can use the tender pork to fill bread rolls and top them with tangy coleslaw. It’s a great versatile meal to make for others!

fall apart roasted pork leg

Mediterranean chicken is also a big winner and incredibly easy to make.

easy meals to make for others post - Meditteranean chicken

Greek-style chicken, featuring chicken thigh cutlets marinated in Greek yogurt, garlic, oregano, lemon, and salt and pepper. So good!

chicken dish-fantastic weekend post

For sides, a big colourful healthy salad is always a hit with everyone!

salad for a fun weekend

A few of my crowd-pleasing meals seem to be either Italian or Greek-inspired! Maybe because these cultures are champions at hosting big fun family gatherings.


Brownies are always popular and a perfect addition to any list of easy meals to make for others. They are rich, fudgy and chocolatey and in my opinion, they are so much more delicious than chocolate cake! Brownies are a great dessert option or you can make a batch to give as a gift. I use this packet mix and jazz up the brownies by adding extra chocolate chips or walnuts for extra crunch.

easy meals to make for others post - brownie mix

Peanut Butter M&M cookies are perfect for sharing over a cup of coffee or tea with a friend.

peanut butter m&m cookies

Italian trifles are also great for any occasion and make a tempting dessert to take to a dinner party, potluck, or any gathering.

Italian trifle

Hearty Meals

Hearty meals such as beef stew, chicken casseroles, stroganoff, butter chicken, and chilli con carne are not only easy to make and delicious but also perfect for sharing. They reheat well, making them convenient for anyone who could use a helping hand. Plus, they’re so tasty, that they’re bound to brighten up anyone’s day!

easy meals to make for others post - butter chicken

easy meals to make for others post - chili


Chicken soup for the sick, pumpkin soup for the soul and minestrone for the hungry!

easy meals to make for others post - pumpkin soup

Fun Meals

Whenever I think of a fun Friday night meal, I immediately think – pizza! I love using pita bread because it’s a delicious and easy base for everyone’s favourite toppings.

easy meals to make for others post - pizza

Burgers are also fun as well as filling!

easy meals to make for others post-turkey burgers

The Big Breakfast

Weekends are perfect for big family breakfasts. I don’t eat breakfast during the working week because I’m never hungry before 10 am. After 10, I want to eat everything! So, some weekends, I’ll make a big breakfast for the family that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, chipolatas, tomato, mushrooms, and hash browns.

Breakfast for what I eat in a week post

easy meals to make for others post - breakfast for a cozy weekend

Pancakes with maple syrup are also a favourite!

easy meals to make for others - pancakes

My crunchy granola is a big hit with my family and makes a great food gift. You can put it in a nice jar and add a ribbon for a fun, thoughtful touch!

Granola jar with label from demo label maker

These are some meals that I love to make for others and, of course, enjoy myself! I hope you found this roundup of easy meals to make for others helpful. Happy cooking, and even happier eating!

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easy meals to make for others

eating dinner in the courtyard


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7 thoughts on “Easy Meals to Make For Others”

  1. So many fabulous ideas on here! I see a few that you’ve mentioned that I want to try making for us– like that Mediterranean or Greek chicken.

  2. I always read about your Cousin Connect dinners and leave your blog feeling hungry, the food always looks so good!
    Lasagne is always such a big hit for gatherings and that roast pork is making my mouth water!
    What great meals!

  3. I love how you organized this post into so many categories! You can’t go wrong with breakfast for dinner. Thanks for linking up with us!

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