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Hello Monday

Hello friends and hello Monday! We had a three-day weekend and it has just flown by! All we did was cozy up at home, kept warm and watched movies.

I think the only pic I took the whole weekend was a photo of my grocery delivery. Haha!

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I guess we’ve had an eventful past couple of weeks with Steve’s surgery, so an uneventful weekend was a welcome change. He’s doing ok and when we saw the surgeon last Thursday, he was happy with how his knee was going. However, his wound wasn’t healing up as well as it should. So the doctor prescribed antibiotics because it looked infected. Wound infections scare me and I’m hoping it clears up fast. We’re going to the GP tomorrow so he can clean it up and redress it. Fingers crossed it will all be looking good when we see the surgeon again this Thursday.

I’m taking another day off from work this Thursday to take Steve to his appointment. Last week, the process took up the entire day! After getting ready, dropping him off at the hospital entrance, and finding parking quite a distance away, we then waited an hour and a half before the doctor saw Steve (as usual, specialists never seem to run on time). The day was over before we knew it and I was so glad I took the whole day off because we sure needed it.

I’ve often felt guilty about taking time off from work in the past. And I’ve stressed myself out by rushing to work either before or after appointments. But I have so many sick days that I have accumulated over all the years I have worked. So I’m cutting myself some slack and using up a carers’ day. I hardly ever take time off, only when it’s really necessary.

Over the weekend Steve and I watched quite a few episodes of Seinfeld, they say laughter is good medicine. And we need plenty of good medicine! We also caught up on The Amazing Race and watched a fantastic movie called ‘Coach Carter’. It’s an oldie but we had never seen it before and we both loved it! I don’t play sports but I love inspiring true stories about sport.

My biggest achievement this weekend was finally applying for our passports. I kept putting it off because filling out online forms, paper forms or any type of forms is my least favourite thing to do. Today, we went to Officeworks and got our passport photos taken, and later this week, we have an appointment at the post office to submit all our paperwork. As usual, I have to gather a bunch of proof of identification because I wasn’t born in Australia; I came over when I was eight months old. I’ll be glad when it’s all done, and we have our passports in our hands! Paperwork and me, we are not friends.

Tonight, I prepared an extra dish for tomorrow night’s dinner because I have a staff meeting after work, followed by a quick trip to the chemist as Steve has run out of pain meds. Then it’s off to the GP to get his wound looked at. Whew, I’m glad I had an extra day to get organised because tomorrow sounds like it’s going to be a doozy! Wish me luck!!

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9 thoughts on “Hello Monday”

  1. We had a pretty quiet weekend at home too and I was so glad after our last few busy weeks. I hope Steve continues to heal well and the antibiotic does the trick. Good luck with the passport— I hate paperwork too but did find the whole passport process a little easier this second time around.

  2. Wow, that’s unusual for you to have a quiet weekend! I hope Steve’s knee is okay and the infection clearing up. It sounds nasty and sometimes you really do need to take time out and just relax. (says she that hasn’t even left the house in over a week)

  3. I’m with you on paperwork, but I’m sure you’ll be glad you tackled it. Hoping the wound heals and he’s on the mend very soon! Sometimes a quiet weekend at home is just what we need. Have a great week!

  4. Ahh! That sounds like such a lovely weekend! It sounded like you all needed the down time. I hope Steve’s knee is doing better now. Don’t feel bad about taking time off work.
    Good luck with the passports, I hope they come through without any hassle. x

  5. I’ve finally found a difference between us – I love paperwork!! Filling out forms is my favourite, haha.
    Well done on taking a day off, I know it is difficult, but better than being distracted at work and at Steve’s appointment. Hope his wound is clearing up, good to get on top of that!

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