April edition of currently

April Edition Of Currently

Hey, friends welcome back to the April edition of Currently. I am excited to be linking up with Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness. And today we are going to chat about what we are currently loving, hoping, playing, needing and feeling. So let’s jump right in!


I am absolutely loving my Rest Duvet Sivercool sheets! Not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable, but the Silvercool technology keeps me cool all night long. This has been an absolute godsend during the hot, humid sticky summer nights we have just had. Furthermore, they have also really helped me get through some major hot flashes during the night!

silvercool performance sheets

silver cool performance sheets

We only have one set of these amazing sheets, so when I change them and we sleep in regular cotton sheets, it’s just not the same and I don’t sleep as well. I never thought that I would find better sheets than my one-thousand-thread cotton sheets! But the Rest Duvet Silvercool sheets beats them hands down.

My husband loves them too which really says something because he’s usually resistant to change when it comes to bedding.


Well, the change of season is well and truly upon us. So I’m hoping to embrace the change from hot weather to cooler weather and live in the moment. I’m going to try hard not to wish the days away until it’s spring again. I did choose mindfulness as my word of the year! So the next few months are really going to test me haha!!


I’m a huge fan of word games like scrabble but these days my family never seems to be at home at the same time to play. So I have really been enjoying playing Word With Friends on my phone. It’s such a fun game and I love the challenge of coming up with new words and strategically placing them on the board for hopefully some big points!

games for April edition of currently

I have also started playing Homescapes. The little characters are so cute and I like doing the challenges to unlock higher levels.


I am in serious need of a break and thankfully the holidays are just around the corner, and I am beyond excited.


I’m feeling really happy that my ankle is not hurting anymore and I can get back to walking to and from work this week. I’ve really missed not being able to do that and it’s amazing how I took for granted being able to walk pain-free before my injury. Now that I can do it again, I’m really appreciating it and I won’t be taking it for granted ever again!


And that’s it from me today friends. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my April edition of Currently and I hope that you all have the best Wednesday!

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7 thoughts on “April Edition Of Currently”

  1. I’m so glad you joined us for Currently today! I am way behind on blog reading, so I was surprised to learn of your injury. I am glad to hear that you’re feeling better now and that you’re able to walk to work again! I wondered about your weather, and whether or not it gets coolers where you live. I don’t know a lot about that area in the world, so I’m interested to keep learning more from you. I am glad you’re getting a break soon! I felt like that when March got here- it had only been six weeks since I started working, but I was in need of a break. I felt better afterward, so I hope it’s the same case for you, my friend.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thanks for hosting, Jennifer! I’m catching up on blogs this weekend as I’m way behind too.

  2. Those sheets really do sound wonderful.
    If it’s any consolation we have gone from it feeling like spring to back feeling like winter here. lol It’s cold, wet and grey. Hmmf.
    I am glad your ankle is feeling better. x

  3. Those are the only 2 games I play on my phone too and I nearly used them for my playing prompt! I love them and just play for a few minutes each day. I’m going to have to look into those sheets; they sound wonderful.

  4. I love Gardenscapes which is another version of Homescapes with the same characters. I’ve played Homescapes but have stuck on a really hard level for months so have kind of given up on it. And I’m glad to hear your ankle is doing better. I get so grumpy when I don’t walk to work.

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