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Is Rest’s Silvercool Sheet Set Worth $300

Recently I was sent the Silvercool Performance Sheet set from Rest Duvet to review. And let me tell you that after sleeping in them for a few nights. They have been a total game-changer! And I seriously doubt that I can go back to regular cotton sheets ever again.

I have been struggling with the joys that come with getting older! Sometimes I wake up during the night and feel like I have my own internal furnace. I have to quickly throw my sheets off before I melt. And then a little while later I find that I am reaching for the sheets in the darkness because I’m cold. To top it off when it’s summer and we get those hot humid sticky nights. Getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible.

 Silvercool Performance Sheet Set From Rest Duvet

I was impressed the minute I saw that the sheets were beautifully packaged in a responsibly sourced box. And they felt so smooth, soft and silky when I touched them. I honestly couldn’t wait to go to bed that night!

silver cool performance sheets

silver cool sheet set

silvercool sheet set

Perfect For Your Skin

silvercool sheet set

The Silvercool Performance Sheets from Rest Duvet feel so great against my skin. And they are just so lovely and cool to touch. I guess the best way to describe them is. That when I jump into bed I feel like I am in a relaxing cool swimming pool. And the gorgeous pale blue colour that the sheets come in just adds to the incredible experience.

I can honestly say that the Silvercool Performance Sheets have helped me to get a really great night’s sleep. Because they just keep me cool all night. And it has been almost unbearably hot and humid recently. So I have been able to really put them to the test.

I also love that I don’t have to turn my pillow over during the night because it’s become hot and uncomfortable. The pillowcases just stay cool and dry all night. The material feels so soft and luxurious against my skin and I find that I don’t have those creases that I get on my face when I sleep on my regular cotton pillowcase. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin and is also great for preventing wrinkles.

No More Frizzy Hair

Another huge and unexpected bonus is that when I wake up my hair isn’t frizzy. If you have been reading along you will know what a struggle I have with frizzy hair. And how I am always trying different hair products to cope with the frizz. I had never considered that changing my bed sheets and pillowcases could help so dramatically. But since I have been sleeping in the Silvercool Performance Sheets from Rest Duvet. My hair is smooth when I get out of bed and I don’t even have to use the hair straightener in the mornings.

They Wash And Dry So Well

The sheets also wash very well and feel smooth and soft. There is absolutely no sagging or piling. I have dried them on the clothesline as well as in the clothes dryer on a low setting. And they have come out beautifully.

A Perfect Night’s Sleep

I love sleeping in the incredibly comfortable Silvercool Performance Sheets and my husband can’t stop saying how amazing they are because he struggles with getting overheated at night all year long! I have also been recommending them to my friends and family. And I’m actually going to buy a set for my son as he gets uncomfortably hot and sweaty even during winter.

So if you struggle to regulate your body temperature during the night, and you want to enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Then I highly recommend the Silvercool Performance Sheet set from Rest Duvet. I can hardly believe what a difference they have made to the quality of my sleep and the way my hair is just so silky smooth when I wake up!

You too can enjoy a wonderfully cool night’s sleep. Just click right here to take advantage of the fantastic discounts available during Rest’s HUGE Sale. In addition, Rest is kindly offering my readers an extra 20% discount if you use discount code RUTH. Don’t miss out!!

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