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Hey friends! Welcome to the March edition of ‘Let’s Look’. Today we are sharing our Favourite Amazon Finds. I really enjoy linking up with Shay and Erika on the second Wednesday of every month to ‘look’ at how we do life. We cover a range of fun topics and this is what we have looked at so far…

In January we looked at Organising A Busy Family and in February we opened up our Medicine Cabinets to share all the things that we keep inside.

And as I mentioned before, today we are going to share our favourite Amazon Finds.

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Favourite Amazon Finds


It has been insanely hot over here with temps as high as 38°C. This amazing foldable sunshade is a fantastic investment as it protects the car from harsh rays. And I don’t have to worry about having to find a shady parking spot. Best of all my fingers don’t get burnt when I touch the steering wheel and seatbelt buckle. Ouch! The windshield shade keeps my car at a comfortable temp. And I don’t have to be afraid to get inside the car even on the hottest days.


These cedar balls have been brilliant for keeping the moths away from my jumpers. I was so annoyed last winter when a couple of my work jumpers had holes in them where some moths had enjoyed a feast. I love that these cedar balls also leave a faint cedar smell which keeps my jumpers smelling fresh. So much nicer than the smell of moths balls which are made out of highly toxic naphthalene!!


This Hollywood Fashion Tape is a must-have! The double-sided tape holds my clothes in place perfectly. I don’t have to worry about my blouses gaping or stubborn necklines that have the scary potential of accidentally revealing way too much!


I bought this set of 2 ice cube trays a while ago. They make big round ice balls and large ice cubes. And I made some really fun ice cubes to go in our Christmas punch. If you add berries or sprigs of herbs to the ice cubes then they make your drinks look very fancy.

My cousin also has one of these trays and she used hers to make large round cranberry juice ice balls to go with refreshing Prosecco.



This pet brush has been brilliant for keeping my lovely little cats fur from going all over my furniture. She loves being brushed and then all I have to do to get the fur off the brush. Is push the button at the back and it all comes off as one clump. So easy!


I’m a huge fan of Burt’s Bees products and I especially love their lip balm. These fun shimmery colours are really pretty and they keep my lips moisturised throughout the day.

And there we have it! Six of my favourite Amazon finds for this month. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I really hope that you have the best Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Finds”

  1. I keep thinking of getting some of that clothing tape and then I never remember to actually put it in my cart!

  2. I might have to check out that pet brush! The brush I have for Pudge is a similar concept, but there’s still loose hair all over her when I’m done brushing her! What I really need, perhaps, is a pet hair vacuum, haha.

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