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The Last Friday Of July

Hey everyone, hope you are all feeling great on this fine Friday. It’s the last Friday of July, can you believe it? I’m really happy to be linking up again with Andrea and Erika for today’s Friday favourites. Thanks so much for stopping by to have a read of a few of this week’s favourites.

A Funny Favourite

Earlier in the week, I was busy in the kitchen and I noticed that Sam was looking for something. He’d been going back and forth between his bedroom and the laundry quite a few times. So I asked him if he needed something.

He said he was looking for his favourite blue tracksuit pants. Just after he said this he burst out laughing. He realised that he had been wearing them the whole time!! Hahahaha!!! We both had such a good laugh. It also made me feel a whole lot better about all the times when I have been searching high and low for my glasses. Only to realise that they have either been sitting on top of my head or I had been actually wearing them the whole time!

track-ants for the last week of july post

A Yummy Favourite

I received a delicious box of chocolates from one of my gorgeous little preschoolers last week. I saved them up and we had them as a weekend treat. Believe me, they didn’t last very long. They were so delicious and it was such a lovely kind gift. I was super touched!

chocolates for last week of July

A Sunny Day

After so many rainy days it was just so good to wake up to the glorious sun shining so brightly! I walked into the kitchen on Monday morning and the lovely sun was peeking in. Hello, sunshine!!

window with sunshine for last week of July


Monday just kept getting better and better! One of my Sweet little preschoolers gave me some pretty flowers. I took them home and put them in this cute vase. So special!!

flowers for last week of July

I Posted More Than Usual This Week

I’m really excited that including today’s post I will have posted four times this week on my blog. It’s a goal that I had set for myself this week and heading into the future. Monday I wrote about my One Year Of Blogging on Hello Monday. On Wednesday I joined the monthly What’s Up Wednesday link-up. Thursday my post was all about How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing on Encouraging Hearts And Home Blog Hop. And I’m back here today for this week’s Friday Favourites. Yay!!

Preschool Favourites

We had a pretend Doctors surgery in the home corner this week. So the kids were very busy writing up important medical reports.

preschool fun

They also worked on puzzles.


Built train tracks that went all around the playroom.

playing trains

Drew pretty rainbows

rainbow drawing

Enjoyed fun sensory play with shaving cream

sensory play

Friday we cooked pizzas!!

The kids had so much fun rolling out their own dough.


They sliced up the vegetables. This poor capsicum was a bit smooshed. It’s hard for little hands to cut tricky vegetables! Don’t worry they used safe kids’ knives

cutting capsicum

The mushrooms were much easier to cut.

cutting mushrooms

The children got to choose three healthy toppings. We’ve been discussing healthy choices at preschool this week.

making pizza toppings

Then it was time to eat!

eating pizza

Cooking is a super fun activity and the kids always love it. It sure made the morning go fast and both the classroom teacher and I were so busy making sure everyone had a turn and that no one cut themselves. We also kept reminding the children to please not sneeze all over the ingredients! Haha.

So that wraps up the last week of July! And it sure went by so fast. I really hope that you have the best weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “The Last Friday Of July”

  1. Your pre-school sounds so fun! We always struggled with food and cooking activities in ours since we didn’t have a kitchen and so many different food allergies too. But oh I always loved sensory bin days!! Such yummy chocolates and beautiful flowers; how sweet to know you are loved and appreciated.

  2. This year is flying over, I felt quite shocked when I realised that it’s August on Monday!
    hehehe! The tracksuit pant situation did make me chuckle and what lovely gifts from your pre-schoolers. x

  3. This week has gone so fast hasn’t it?!
    I did giggle at the tracksuit pants mystery. I am always looking for my glasses to find them on top of my head, so I can totally relate! Hehe.
    Love the early morning sun shining through the window, it sets you up for a good start to the day I think.
    Your preschool looks like so much fun for the little ones. Love all of the activities.

    Have a fab weekend Ruth. xx

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