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Hi friends! I’m excited to join the new ‘Share Our Lives’ link-up series hosted by Adrienne from Mom Life With Adrienne, Dara from Not In Jersey, Jen from Show Me Sweet Tea, Joanne from My Slices Of Life and Sarah from Toronto Sam. We are kicking things off by introducing ourselves and chatting about past jobs. So, let’s jump right in!

I’m Ruth and I live in a suburb of Sydney Australia. I am married to Steve and we have two super tall grown-up sons. Luke who’s 30 lives with his fiancé (no wedding bells in the foreseeable future!) and Sam, 19, is studying nursing and lives at home (yay!).

In case you missed it, I previously introduced myself in a post last year, which you can find here. Additionally, I shared ’25 Things you Don’t Know About Me’, and you can catch that right here.

Now moving on to past jobs


While I was in high school and uni I would babysit kids from our church families. Sometimes I would get paid but mostly I would do it for free.

Chicken Shop Employee

I have amazingly fond memories of helping out at my uncle’s chicken shop during the school holidays whenever they needed an extra hand. While it wasn’t a job that brought me much cash – payment was always a hearty chicken and chips meal! I guess family gigs don’t pay the big bucks. But I was more than happy with my tasty rewards!

Dental Assistant

Straight after finishing school, I landed my first ‘real’ job working as a Dental Assistant. Looking back now I am very proud of myself and I can hardly believe that I did that! But back then nothing grossed me out. I was completely comfortable maneuvering the suction tube to clear away saliva and totally unfazed by the sight of root canals. Or even remotely disturbed by the massive amounts of blood during complex tooth extractions…eeewww!

Early Childhood Educator

Back in my uni days, I stumbled into early childhood education as a casual. Fast forward to today and I’m celebrating my 27th year at a wonderful local community-based preschool! If you want to dive into my early childhood journey, you can find it here. Additionally, I have listed six reasons why I love working in this field in this post which you can explore here.

That’s a wrap for the first edition of ‘Share Our Lives’! Thanks so much for joining me today and reading my blog. I look forward to being back here on Wednesday for ‘Let’s Look’. We will be sharing all about how we clean our closets.

I hope you have an amazing Monday!

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12 thoughts on “Share Our Lives”

  1. I forgot to write all about babysitting. It was a real little money earner when I was a teenager.
    Good on you being a dental assistant, that is one job I couldn’t do. I hate other peoples teeth.
    Congrats on the 27th year in you job. That is impressive. x

  2. Ick, I could not do a job that involved bodily fluids! haha. (and I was talking about the dental assistant, but I suppose it goes with preschool too!)

    Thanks for linking up with us.

  3. Family gigs aren’t usually big money-makers, but they can provide some valuable experience, right? Kudos to you for being a dental assistant – I could never do that but I’m very grateful for the good care I get at my dentist! Seems like a lot of the bloggers in this link-up have teaching careers, which is interesting to me.

  4. 27 years in the same field is incredible! I remember how exhausting some of those early childhood/daycare days were. I loved it so much but don’t know that I could do it again now. My grandmother really wanted me to go to school to become a dental hygienist but I just could not imagine that; I don’t do well with any bodily fluids.

  5. Chicken shop! I love it. so fun. Congrats on 27 years in education. I’m in year 22…where has the time gone? Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. I always wonder who wants to be a dental assistant and now I know! Hahaha!!! I’m so glad there are so many people who want to do different jobs because many of them are so important.

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