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School Holiday Favourites

Hi friends, Happy Friday! Yes, I do love Fridays but this week I am a bit (a lot) sad because it means that this is my last weekend before going back to work on Monday. I haven’t gone out a whole lot during the school holidays. Mainly just a couple of outings here and there. But I have really enjoyed my routine free days. Still, I am very grateful that I do enjoy working at our little local community preschool. I work with a great bunch of ladies and it’s only another ten weeks before the next holidays haha!! So here I am again on this fine Friday and happy to share with you a few of this week’s school holiday favourites.

A Super Fun Party

Last Saturday we managed to pull off a surprise Star Wars-themed birthday party for my cousin’s 30th. I will get around to doing a recap soon. It was such a fun night and I think that I must have danced the whole time. I couldn’t stop, the music just kept calling and calling me!

party picture for this weeks school holiday favourites

I dressed up as Boba Fett for the party!


I am so happy with myself because I did a lot of painting! A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to paint my bedroom during these school holidays. My goal was to paint my bedroom and maybe the small hallway. Well, I just kept on going and did way more than I had originally planned.  I painted my bedroom, the hallway, the entryway, and the dining room.

painting for school holiday favourites

I painted in the afternoon and well into the night when I was home by myself. Sam went to the library in the afternoons with his lovely girlfriend and then back to her house afterward. They are both busy with schoolwork and upcoming exams. Steve was at work and painting is just so much easier when there is no one around.

Now all I have left to do is the lounge room which I might do either this weekend or the next. I have to tell you that our house is small and that’s why I could get so much painting done. But still, there was a lot of prep work (ugh) and two coats on each wall.

The walls in our house were painted with a colour called Grand Piano but this time I painted it with Casper White Quarter. Which is just white if you ask me but if you compare it to other whites it’s a different shade of white. My goodness so many whites to choose from!!!!

painted house for school holiday favourites

painted hallway for school holiday favourites

I like white. it feels so fresh and bright!! We want to get the floorboards redone eventually. Which is a good thing because I was on my hands and knees cleaning up afterward. I used a drop sheet but I still managed to get some tiny annoying paint spots on the floor.

Not Much Time For Cooking

I was so determined to get a lot of painting done which meant that I didn’t have time to do much cooking. Normally during the school holidays, I like to bake some treats. And I have been really wanting to make my delicious jam drops.

I didn’t even have time to make proper meals on some days. Steve would have cooked but he works afternoon/evening shifts every night except for Tuesday. So for a couple of days, we survived on pizza! oh yes, and coke (which is a school holiday treat).


I did a whole post on Monday on how I keep healthy. But while I was busy painting this past week we really didn’t eat a very healthy diet on some days! But oh well, you just have to roll with it sometimes and do the best you can. The pizza was very delicious and a welcome treat!!

A Delicious Breakfast

I took Tuesday off from painting and Steve and I went out for breakfast. We went back to the local cafe that we visited a couple of weeks ago.



Then in the evening, we binge-watched more ‘Line of Duty’. Such a great show, I really recommend it!!

A Coffee Catch-Up

I caught up for coffee with my friend on Wednesday morning. We went to a cafe that is not too far from where we live, maybe about a ten-minute drive. I have been there before but not for ages. This time we were seated in the courtyard, which I think might be a new addition. It was really cute and cozy. They had heaters there so even though it was a cold day we felt warm sitting under the heaters.

coffee catch up for school holiday favourites


A Quick Trip To Ikea

I made a dash to Ikea to pick up some frames. I had some photos enlarged and wanted to hang them in the entryway. While I was there I picked up some bits and pieces that I needed. Like candles, storage things, clothes hamper and of course meatballs!!



I guess that wraps up this week’s Friday favourites. Thanks so much for stopping by to have a read. I really hope that you have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday.

Happy Friday

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5 thoughts on “School Holiday Favourites”

  1. I love white, too, and yes, there are so many whites! I can’t believe how much you did yourself. I would try to start that and get bored and then it would be unfinished. It all looks so fresh and clean. Do you have rugs over your hardwood? You could do some runners for now until you can refinish and that might make you more satisfied for awhile. I don’t think they look like they need to be re-done, though!
    I understand the end of a break is bittersweet. It’s just so nice to have the freedom to structure your day how you want to but the routine will be nice, too, I bet.

  2. Well done on the painting! That is not something I enjoy! So fun you got to go to a party with dancing, I haven’t been dancing (other than by myself at home) for so long.

  3. It sounds like you have been having a great time. I love the party for your cousins 30th. What fun, fab costume.
    Well done with the painting. It sounded like there was no stopping you. Everything looks lovely.
    Have a great weekend. x

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