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Hi friends I hope that you have all had a great week! I am really excited that over here we have a long weekend as it’s the King’s birthday. I have a few quick favourites to share with you today and I am so glad that you are here. So let’s get started!


First up I had some leftover chicken from Saturday’s cousin Connect dinner. We polished off all the leftover lasagna in a flash. And I needed a quick side for Monday night’s dinner and I made Mediterranean couscous. Easy and healthy recipes that take no time to make are my favourite!

mediterranean couscous for quick favourites

I finished throwing the ingredients together into a dish when I got a text from my friend reminding me that it was our monthly dinner with friends at the club and that she was coming over to pick me up in an hour. I had completely forgotten!! Oh my gosh, my brain has been all over the place lately and I’m having trouble concentrating and even remembering what day it is! Anyway, Sam and Steve were at work and they weren’t going to be able to make it to the dinner. So it was leftover chicken and Mediterranean couscous for them. Easy peasy!

I got ready in record time and I was so glad that I went because we had a lovely night eating and catching up. We had some delicious fried dim sims to start with.

dim sims for quick favourites

My friend ordered a vegetarian chow mein as a main.

vegetarian chow mein for quick favourites

And I went back to my good old favourite- the steamed barramundi with boiled rice and broccoli.

steamed broccoli for quick favourites

We also had cake to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday.

cake for quick favourites

Then we finished off with a cozy cup of hot chocolate.

hot chocolate


Another huge favourite is that my lovely, kind and very funny friend has been doing casual work at the preschool. She worked with us over twenty years ago and now she’s back! She’s so sweet, and sometimes she brings me treats like this.


She knows that food is the way to my heart. Hehe!


It really is a huge favourite when the classroom is full of happy kids who are busy playing. This week we transformed our home corner into an animal hospital and the kids had a blast. The rest of the classroom was practically untouched as they all congregated in that tiny space taking care of the sick animals.



I was feeling a little down the other day and I opened the little box my bestie gave me, it sits on my desk and is perfect for days when things feel overwhelming. It honestly made me feel so much better. Thank you, sweet friend!

inspirational gift


The other night I was too tired to sit on the couch and watch a favourite show. So instead I got into bed with a hot cup of tea and Steve and I watched an episode of ‘Vera’ on my iPad-we don’t have a TV in our room. It was so cozy and yes I did fall asleep but managed to follow the plot somehow!

watching iPad show


Here is my new favourite water bottle that I use at work. I bought it last year from William Sonoma and I didn’t really need a new one when I bought it. But I couldn’t resist it and I’m so glad that I did buy it because now my old one needs replacing.

Star Wars water bottle for quick favourites


Sam finished his two-week hospital placement today and now he is on holiday from uni. I know he’s a big boy but I was happy to be packing his lunches again just like when he was at school. This morning I wrote him a little note and put it in his lunchbox just for old times’ sake.

a note

And that brings me to the end of seven quick favourites for today. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I’m excited to be back here again on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Quick Favourites”

  1. I am so glad you still went to the dinner you forgot about. I am working on saying yes more and then I always end up glad I went. I want to go to your preschool! I have never seen such creative ideas. I miss being around little kids, too. It takes so much energy but you seem like it is your life’s calling.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Ruth!

  2. That lunchbox note is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. Our boys grow up so quickly don’t they?! (and mine are still littler than yours!) You can be very proud of Sam for his choice of profession.
    Have a nice long weekend, H(Official)BD King Charles.

  3. Have a fab long weekend.
    Oops for forgetting about your monthly dinner. It does sound like a lovely catch up.
    How wonderful to have your friend back working for you and I love the animal hospital in the classroom.
    Aww! That note in Sam’s lunchbox is so cute. x

  4. Hey at least she reminded you ahead of time and you hadn’t eaten yet! It sounds like you had a wonderful time too. That animal hospital play corner looks so inviting!

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