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Painting-6 Reasons Why Preschoolers Need To Paint

Preschoolers need to paint! They are drawn to this activity, they love it and the wonderful thing is that painting actually helps their brains to develop. Yes, it’s messy and requires time and effort but the benefits are just astounding. Who would have thought that such a simple fun activity could hold the key to so many benefits for young children?


Here Are 6 Reasons Why Preschoolers Need To Paint

1. Exercises Children’s Creativity

Indeed painting encourages young children to freely explore and this builds confidence. So when children are given a  variety of paints and a blank piece of paper, they have the wonderful opportunity to freely make choices of how they want to interact with these materials. In addition, they can choose to mix colors, create patterns, be original, discover, and create.

2. Painting Helps Fine Motor Skills

When children are engaged in painting and art activities, the muscles in their fingers, hands, and wrists are being exercised and strengthened. Children learn to control their finger grip and movement. All this will help them learn to hold a pencil and write later on when they go to big school.

3. Great For Cognitive Development

Art and painting can help children with skills such as learning about cause and effect. Children can mix colors together to find new combinations. They can create patterns and develop implied memory with the repetition of movement such as loading a paintbrush and making brushstrokes.

4. Builds Self-esteem

When children paint they can freely explore without any fear of being right or wrong. It’s all about the process and not the product. Therefore all children will feel successful regardless of age, skill, or ability.

5. Learn About Color

Painting gives children the opportunity to learn about color in a fun practical way. Plus they can also experiment with messy color mixing.

6. It’s Relaxing

Painting is a stress-relieving and soothing activity! The whole process of putting paint onto paper is a very therapeutic experience.

Painting Activities for Preschoolers


At preschool, we have a variety of stampers that children can use for printing. We have animals, vehicles, insects, dinosaurs, etc. You name it we are sure to have it. To make things interesting sometimes we also use things you might find around the house, such as forks, spatulas, cotton reels, bottle tops. There are endless things that can be used for printing activities. And then of course there is good old hand and foot printing!

hand printing fot painting

household printing for painting


Stencil Painting

Painting with stencils helps children create fun and interesting patterns and designs. You can use a brush for this activity or even a sponge.

printing for post o preschoolers and paint

Marble painting

I think that this activity is a real favorite. You need a tray or box, some paint in small cups or bowls and marbles. Simply plop the marble into the paint and then scoop it out with a spoon and place it on the paper you have placed in the box or tray. Children then have to use side to side motion to make the marble run forming interesting lines or patterns across their paper. The challenge is to keep that marble contained!

marbles for painting

Painting Using Permanent Black Markers And Watercolors

I think this activity is my favorite. The children first use a black marker to draw and then they paint what they have drawn. You will get the best results if you use vibrant watercolors.

black Texta and watercolour paint

Using Cotton Buds

At preschool, we sometimes use cotton buds instead of regular paintbrushes. This is a great activity because the children practice their pencil grip by using the small cotton buds. You can use tempera paint or watercolors for this painting activity.

cotton bud paint

String Painting

This is a fun way to develop kids’ fine motor skills, strengthen grip and control. All you need is a string, a peg, and tempera paint. You clip the string into the peg then dip it into the paint. Next, you drag the string around the paper to make patterns. It sounds simple enough but it can be tricky to control that string. It will give kids a good hand muscle workout!

string paint

Bubble Printing

For this activity, you need a straw plus a container of water mixed with detergent and food coloring. The children need to blow bubbles then take a print of their bubbles using a piece of paper.

bubble paint


Painting has so many benefits for children and their development but I think the best thing about painting is that it is just so much fun!!

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  1. Great post! And thanks for all the ideas as well! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint… I’ll have to try some of these out as I don’t have bubble paint in my repertoire, Thanks!

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