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Label Maker

When I pull out my label maker I know that it means I have finally reached the last step of organizing a particular task. For me, this is probably the part I like the best. The reason is that it allows me to be creative with my labeling.

I really enjoy looking through Pinterest and Instagram because I get so much cleaning and organizing inspiration. There are so many ideas for how to label the things around the home and I think some are more practical than others. But in the end, I guess it’s just all about personal choice and preference.

When I was looking for labeling inspiration earlier in the year. I kept seeing the Cricut, it’s all over the internet and I nearly bought one but then decided not. Who knows I may change my mind and buy one eventually.

For now, I own two label makers to label my things and I really like them both. They serve me well and they label things clearly.

The Good Old Dymo Letra Tag Handheld Label Maker

label maker handheld Dymo

I have had this label maker for years and I probably use it the most. The letters are very clear and it has 5 fonts, 8 box styles plus 2 line printing. I find this labeler easy to use because it is light and compact plus it is powered by batteries. I also use this label maker to label all of my son’s school things. Like his books, folders, and stationary equipment. I know he’s a big boy but I still love to label his things.

 Spice Jar Labels

This label maker is also great for labeling my spice jars. The jars are quite small so consequently, I had to make sure that the lettering was clear and I think that this label maker did the perfect job!

spice jars labeled with Dymo label maker

Labels For Files

I have labeled all my files using this label maker. I can easily adjust the size of the letters to suit what I need and I think that this is a winning feature.

files labeled with Dymo label maker


The Dymo Organiser Xpress Embosser

Dymo press embosser

Pantry Jar Labels

Earlier this year I wanted to use something a bit different for labeling my kitchen things. I was happy to keep the spice jars labeled with the Dymo handheld label maker but I was keen for a bit of a change for the jars in my pantry.

On Pinterest, I kept seeing pantry jars labeled using this Dymo organizer Xpress embosser and I was sold. I love the retro look, reminds me of when I was a kid. In Primary school, my friend Donna had these same embossed labels on all her belongings, she’ll never know how much label envy I had!!

jars labelled with Dymo embossed label maker

embossed labels


embossed Dymo label maker. jar with label


Custom Made Vinyl Labels

Labels For Hand and Dish Soap Bottles

When we had our kitchen renovated I wanted everything to look clean and fresh with minimal clutter. (You can read about my kitchen organization here.) I was on the lookout for some pump bottles for my dishwashing liquid and hand soap. The online stores I looked at didn’t have any I was happy with. In the end, I found the perfect glass pump bottles at Ikea. I really like the silver nozzle and I think they look just right in the kitchen.

While I was in the process of looking for pump bottles online, I stumbled across an Australian company called Blissful Little Home. They sell all sorts of really lovely organization products and custom-made vinyl labels. Furthermore, the best part was that I was able to choose my own font and size from quite an extensive selection. So I went ahead and ordered the labels for my pump bottles and they turned out to look way better than I expected! It ended up costing me a fraction of the price of some of the options, I had been considering.

vinyl labels for label maker post

Vinegar and Oil Bottle Labels

I also ordered These really cute and super functional oil and vinegar bottles complete with the vinyl labels. I was determined to get rid of the ugly mismatched bottles in the pantry and I was really happy that I had found these ones. The bottles pour beautifully and they also don’t leak so this means I don’t get any sticky pantry shelves.

oil and vinegar bottles

I thought I’d show you how I’ve labeled some of my things. While I am currently quite happy with my labels, who knows maybe I might be tempted to change them in the future. Because I am just constantly seeing so many beautiful labeling options.


In case you are interested here is the Link for Blissful Little Home

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  1. Oh wow I love that embosser that reminds me of my youth too! Very retro!

    Have you ever used or looked at cricuts? We have just started our own business and we use a cricut for personalised labels. Be warned though it’s a rabbit hole when you start researching! ?

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