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Hi everyone thanks so much for stopping by today. I’m excited to join Shay and Erika for this month’s edition of “Let’s Look” where the topic is organise your closet.

Closet, Walk-In Wardrobe, Built-in Wardrobe, or Wardrobe?

It’s so funny how different English words can have different meanings depending on what part of the English-speaking world you come from. Here in Australia, we have different names for a closet. We call them wardrobes.

A lot of the older-style homes are typically quite small. So if you are lucky enough to have a place to store your clothes that you can actually walk into. Then we call you a millionaire and we call this place a walk-in wardrobe.

I think that most homes have either built-in wardrobes or free-standing wardrobes. A built-in wardrobe is a wardrobe that is built into the wall cavity and can’t be moved. A free-standing wardrobe has different compartments and clothes railings as well as internal shelves.

One more thing, we spell the word organize with an s. Haha! So now the Aussie English lesson is out of the way let’s jump in and talk about closet organisation!

How Do I Organise My Closet?

I have a built-in wardrobe.

built-in wardrobe for organise your closet post

Our house is small so I have spread some of my clothes into other parts of the house. We have a free-standing wardrobe in the converted garage which is now a storage and home office space. I keep my winter coats in there as well as some handbags.


We also have a chest of drawers where I keep my underwear and work clothes.

chest of drawers

I love clothes and I have a real weakness for shoes and handbags. But I am pretty strict when it comes to buying clothes. My rule is that I have to love whatever I try on. If I don’t absolutely, can’t live without it, or love it then I won’t buy it.

Keeping Clothes To A Minimum

I am not a minimalist but I am drawn to the minimal way of life. I don’t like a lot of stuff or clutter so I try to stick to the one-in, one-out rule. If I buy an article of clothing then I will try to make sure that I donate a piece of clothing that I don’t need or want anymore.

I like to organise my wardrobe or closet by colour and it just makes sense to me. Because I don’t have a large collection of clothes it’s easy for me to remember what I do have. And if I am deciding what outfit I want to put together then I know where my pieces are kept based on their colour. I find it much easier to find things this way.

clothes for organise your closet post

clothes for organise your closet


As you can see I love black and neutral coloured clothes. They’re so much easier to mix and match! Occasionally I will be daring and buy a piece of clothing from the current colour trend but not very often.


I like to keep my shoes in their original boxes. The other day I was looking at some of those nice plastic shoe storage boxes in K-mart. But they are quite big and bulky. So I think that I will stick to the old original cardboard boxes. Especially since my built-in wardrobe is not huge.

organise your closet

Bags And Accessories

I store my bags and accessories in the drawers. Again I am not a big fan of too many accessories. So they mostly fit nicely into the drawers. I have some more bags but they are in the free-standing wardrobe that we keep in the garage/office.


accessories for organise your closet

scarves for organise your closet


cedar balls

Oh yes, I have to mention that these cedar balls are fantastic and I scatter them in my drawers that have any wool clothing. I bought them from Amazon and they have been great for keeping the moths from eating my jumpers. My friend and I joke that the only jumpers which tend to be eaten are the jumpers from Uniqlo. We have a theory that they are either super delicious to moths or they already come with moth eggs. Because without a doubt only my Uniqlo jumpers have ever been attacked by moths. The same applies to my friend’s jumpers.

That’s about it when it comes to how I organise my closet. I like to keep things simple and minimal. 😊

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday and I look forward to hearing about how everyone else organises their closets.

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9 thoughts on “Organise Your Closet”

  1. I love seeing/learning how different vocabularies are between countries. Thanks for that little lesson! I have noticed through watching shows in other parts of the world on HGTV how a lot of the homes in other countries do not have closets as a room, but rather as something that is built in. I think I would like that, in some ways, because it would force me to keep the space neater and to have less. I practice the same rule as you- one in, one out. I think that’s a good rule of thumb for lots of areas in the home! I really dislike clutter. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      I love HGTV and seeing homes from around the world. I think ‘House Hunters International’ is one of my favourite shows. It was on this show that I was so surprised to learn that many homes in England have their washing machines in the kitchen.

  2. Interesting about the Uniqlo clothes!!

    In Canada we go back and forth between British and American spellings. We say “favourite” for example, with the “u”, but I do spell it “organize” with the “z”. Spell check is always on me for something!!

  3. I would love a walk in wardrobe but we’ve just got a normal free standing one.
    Oh wow! You have a lot of coats. I only have 2. A winter one and a thinner jacket. My wardrobe could do with a sort out. I will get around to it one day. Sorting by colour is such a good idea. x

  4. It’s interesting reading about how other cultures/countries live their “every day” life – not just the parts that are glamorized 🙂
    I’m a “sort by color” too – makes so much sense, right?
    Thanks for sharing.

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