October 2022

October 2022

Hey everyone thanks so much for stopping by for the October 2022 edition of ‘What’s Up Wednesday’. Can you believe it’s November next week? I can’t wrap my head around how fast the weeks are flying by and there are only about eight weeks until Christmas!! As usual today we are looking at a few fun topics like what we’re eating, loving, watching and wearing just to name a few. So let’s jump in with


Monday night we had Butter chicken with rice and veggies.

butter chicken October 2022

We went out for dinner on Tuesday night

dinner out October 2022

Turkey bolognese is on the menu for Wednesday night

Thursday night we are having chicken skewers with salad and pita bread

I have no clue what were eating on Friday night but it will be something simple for sure!

Saturday I’m planning on making burgers and Sunday we’ll have some kind of pasta.


I can hardly believe that we only recently enjoyed Spring break. But I’m reminiscing about the freedom of not having to stick to a routine. I miss staying up late binge-watching TV shows and fun movies. But I’m sure that I’ll blink a couple of times and bam it will be the Summer holidays!!


Apart from the usual work work work. My boys celebrated their birthdays this month. Luke turned 29 and Sam turned 18. Where did my babies go!!!!!


Last ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ post I shared that I had some nodules on my thyroid that needed to be followed up. My scan appointment was yesterday and it looks like nothing has changed which is really good. But I still have to see my GP next Wednesday for some blood test results and I really don’t want to hear him say ‘fine needle aspiration’ when he looks at my scan results. I had that done two years ago and it was no fun. I wish I could be calm and rational when it comes to medical things but I am not at all. I catastrophise and get really anxious. So I guess I am dreading my appointment next Wednesday.


Not catastrophising!


My whole family is planning to get together for Halloween. So that will be a blast. Oh yes, we also have our friend’s son’s wedding towards the end of November and I am really looking forward to it. The church and reception venue are over an hour away from where we live. So we will be staying overnight at a lovely hotel. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I just love weddings so much!!


I started watching “The Watcher” I only saw one episode but I didn’t like it so I’m not sure if I’ll continue. Sunday night I watched ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ which was pretty good. I finished watching ‘Maid’ which I really enjoyed. Last night we finished season 4 of Cobra Kai and I just loved it!!! Now onto season 5.


October has been all about listening to Kate Bush! I have always liked her music but ever since I finished watching ‘Stranger Things’ I have been listening to her music on repeat.


Well, I’m happy that I am no longer wearing heavy coats and jackets every day. We still haven’t hit consistently nice spring weather even though it’s October. So some days I still need to wear a few layers in the morning and then peel them off as the day gets slightly warmer.

I guess we are in that transition stage where we still need some lighter jackets. This pale blue one that I bought a couple of years ago is perfect for this time of the year when it’s still cool.

October 2022

I was really excited to wear shorts for the first time last week!

wearing shorts October 2022

And now I’m wearing my workout gear for the first time in years since I started going along to fun exercise dance classes.

a few favourites for the week and October 2022

I have also been wearing my clogs and they’re just so comfortable! I love buying them from a shop called Funkis because they have such a great variety of clogs as well as leather goods and clothes.

clogs October 2022


I have been invited to my lovely friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. It feels like she was only born yesterday and now she’s turning one!! I am really excited to be joining them to celebrate.


This year I want to start my Christmas shopping early and not be in a mad rush in the last two weeks before the big day. I want to soak up all the festivities and I am in the middle of putting together a bucket list of things that I want to do before Christmas. Every year the holidays come along very quickly. So this year I want to be fully prepared!!


So I guess that wraps up October 2022! Thank you so much for stopping by to read about what has been going on in my little part of the world. I hope that you all had a great October and I look forward to being back here tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “October 2022”

  1. I always have the wish of Christmas shopping early, but it never happens. Most of my shopping happens 2 weeks before Christmas and everything ends up fine. I still stress over it though.

  2. This year is flying over but I am excited for November. Your food all looks and sounds delicious! I think that this time next week I will be reminiscing about our break from school.
    That is good news that the nodules on your thyroid haven’t changed. It doesn’t stop you worrying though. Good luck with the appointment on Wednesday. x

  3. Halloween, birthday parties and celebrations, a wedding– you have so many fun things going on! I’ve been trying to start planning for Christmas already too; I like to have the majority of my gifts bought by the end of November so this is the time I sit down and plan out who’s getting what.

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