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Enjoying The Little Things

Hi everyone it’s lovely to be back again for today’s Hello Monday link-up with Holly and Sarah. Didn’t the weekend just fly by so fast!! I had a few plans to do this and that but in the end, I just had a very much-needed low-key weekend enjoying the little things.

After spending so many weeks longing for Spring. Most days have been like this.

enjoying the little things

We had a gorgeous weekend last weekend and then that was it. It was goodbye sunshine and hello neverending grey skies for the rest of the week including this weekend! There is so much humidity and the air just feels so thick. We are really lucky in that we usually do have such beautiful blue skies. So when it’s so grey and gloomy like this I don’t really feel in the mood to do very much.

Enjoying The Little Things

So even though the weather wasn’t helpful. I still wanted to keep a positive mindset and so I thought that a good way to do this was to appreciate and document the little things that I might sometimes take for granted when I’m busy or distracted. Things like…….

A cup of tea and vegemite on toast for breakfast.

Vegemite toast enjoying the little things

When I was little I really hated vegemite and I didn’t grow up eating it because my mum never bought any. She was always horrified by the taste and couldn’t understand how people could eat something so salty that looked like shoe polish!

When I was in kindy I ordered a vegemite sandwich from the school canteen. I had seen my friends eating it at lunchtime and they seemed to love it, so I must have had a serious case of FOMO when I decided to order it. Well, I didn’t have the best introduction to vegemite. Because, the enthusiastic canteen ladies must have spread about an inch’s worth of vegemite on the sandwich, ugh!!! That is such a no-no. You only need a small amount. I threw it out and decided that vegemite was not for me and my mum was totally right!

It was only after I got married that I started to eat vegemite. I would buy it because Steve loved it and I would often steal a few bites of his toast. So eventually I ended up liking it too. I guess you could say that it’s an acquired taste!

I Enjoyed A Haircut!

On Saturday afternoon I went and got a haircut. It wasn’t really a cut, it was more of a trim to get rid of the dry ends. Even though I didn’t get much taken off the length, my hair felt instantly lighter and bouncier. Then after I finished at the hairdresser I wandered around the shops for a little bit.

Christmas Decor

It was really nice to see so many Christmas decorations in the shops. This always makes me happy! I didn’t see many Halloween things, here in Australia it’s mainly all about Christmas decor from mid-October onwards.

Christmas decor for enjoying the little things post

christmas decor

These gift tags were cute so I went ahead and bought them.

gift tags

I need a new wreath for my front door but the ones that I saw were huge and probably bigger than my actual door so I passed on them.

Christmas wreath for enjoying the little things

I saw some cute tops in Witchery so I went in and tried on a few. They looked ok and they fitted well. But I didn’t really love any of them so I stuck to my wardrobe organisation rule and didn’t buy any of them.

tops from witchery


Because this weekend was all about enjoying the little things. I made sure to burn some lovely scented soy candles. They make me happy, especially on days when the weather is dreary.

candles for enjoying the little things

Scrambled Eggs

I was really craving scrambled eggs when I woke up on Sunday morning even though it was early. I was surprised because I’m not much of a breakfast eater early in the morning. So I went ahead and made some but first I snapped a photo of the eggs because I thought that they looked so nice all lined up in the box. They seemed to be all the same colour too and I thought that they were very good-looking eggs haha!!


scrambled eggs for enjoying the little things


After breakfast, I went to church. It was such a drizzly morning that I was so tempted to stay home but I’m glad that I ended up going.

Roast Beef Roll

I had some roast beef leftover from dinner so we had some roast beef rolls with gravy for lunch on Sunday. So delicious and perfect for a cold drizzly day. I gobbled it up so fast and forgot to take a pic!


Chocolate with hazelnuts is such a simple little pleasure that brings me so much joy!! I ate a few squares after I finished doing some blogging.

chocolate for the simple little things post


And that’s a wrap! I had a lovely weekend enjoying the little things. Thanks so much for being here and reading along. I really hope that you have a great week!

Happy Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying The Little Things”

  1. Your Christmas tag cover photo startled me for a second, I’m firmly in fall mode, will shift to Christmas after Remembrance Day. You did enjoy so many lovely things over the weekend, good to pause and appreciate them all.

  2. Our skies have been dreary and gray lately too (with lots of rain mixed in!) and I too have been focusing on little joys like lighting candles and enjoying a few sweet treats.

  3. The last few days have been grey and gloomy here with a lot of rain. All I want to do is snuggle under a blanket! It’s the little things like this which get me through the colder months. I have been out shopping today and loved seeing the Christmas decorations. x

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