November What’s Up Wednesday

Hi friends, can you believe that already it’s the November edition of What’s Up Wednesday! I mean how on earth is it that we are skyrocketing into December tomorrow!! How?? I’m in disbelief and I think that I’m probably not alone in thinking that the days are just flying by way too fast! Anyway as usual I am excited to be linking up with Shay for today’s fun post. So let’s jump right in with

What We’re Eating This Week

Well, Sam is away with his friends this week. He’s gone to the south coast for his schoolies’ trip. Schoolies is an Australian tradition where high school graduates have a week-long holiday to celebrate the end of their final exams.

I miss him and can’t wait for him to come home. Why he didn’t just want to stay home and play scrabble with me instead of going away with his friends? I’ll never know…… hehe!

Anyway, the reason why I mentioned that Sam is away is that this means I don’t really have to cook much this week because it’s basically just me at home. Steve works nights so he eats at work although he does have tonight off and he has promised to cook me some salmon which will be lovely!

So on Monday, I made myself some spaghetti using a jar of pasta sauce.

November what's up Wednesday

I felt guilty about not eating vegetables so I threw some peas in…..ha! It tasted ok but I know that I won’t be buying this particular sauce again. I’m not really a fan of premade sauces and I will pretty much always make my own. But I do keep a jar in the cupboard just in case I don’t have time to cook from scratch or for weeks like this one.

So I have just been eating this for the last couple of nights. And it’s a good thing that I really love spaghetti, even bland-tasting spaghetti like this one!

I do have plans to make some zucchini and fetta fritters later on in the week. If they taste good I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you guys.

What I’m Reminiscing About

It’s only been a couple of days but I’m reminiscing about the amazing weekend we just enjoyed. We had such a fun time at our friend’s son’s wedding and our overnight stay at the beautiful Parkroyal Hotel in Parramatta. Sigh…I had been looking forward to this weekend nearly all year long and it was all over way too fast.

What I’m Loving

Smoothies!! I have been on a real smoothie kick and I have been making them a lot. It all started when I got covid a few weeks ago. I couldn’t taste anything much and I lost my appetite completely. So I started making myself smoothies when I felt a bit better and could actually get up and walk.

smoothies for Novembers what's up Wednesday

It was easier to drink a smoothie than eat a meal. It was also a great way to add things like pepitas and sunflower seeds as well as delicious berries and other fruit like bananas and mangos. Oh yes, and I also like to add a nice dollop of honey too!

So I have still been making smoothies even though I’m all better. I have even been taking smoothies to work in my favourite cup and having them at lunchtime. They’re just so good!!

smoothies for November what's up Wednesday

What We’ve Been Up To

I have been trying to get my head around the fact that Sam has finished high school. He’s been having a wonderful time enjoying his freedom until next year when he starts uni. He’s also been doing driving lessons so that he can get his licence soon. He is very keen to get a job when he gets back from his week away so fingers crossed that he achieves both of these goals.

Steve and I have both been busy at work. Because Steve works in hospitality, this time of the year is actually his busiest time and from now until the end of the year it will only get busier!

At preschool, we have all been making Christmas crafts and getting ready for the end-of-year concert. The parents will be able to come into the preschool to watch their children perform at their concert. It’s been two years since we have had a proper concert and I think we are all a bit rusty and not as prepared as we usually are. But I’m sure everything will come together on the day.

November what's up Wednesday

What I’m Dreading

Thankfully I am dreading absolutely nothing and I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family.

What I’m Excited About

Summer holidays!! Preschool finishes on the 20th of December and we are off for nearly six glorious weeks!! Wooohooo!!!!

What I’m Watching

Christmas Movie clapperboard for my list of favourite Christmas movies and TV shows

I’ve started watching my favourite Christmas movies.

What I’m Listening To

I have been listening to Christmas jazz on YouTube. I love the soft mellow music and the cute Christmas scenery.

November what's up Wednesday

What I’m Wearing

Layers! The days are just crazy. Some days start off cold and then they warm up so I will wear a T-shirt and a thin jumper and then a jacket.

Then I will start to peel my layers off as it warms up a bit. But mostly the days have just been very cool. Everyone at my work is all annoyed that we are having such a crummy spring. And we are all still wearing jumpers and jackets in the playground on most days….hmph!!

What I’m Doing This Weekend

It’s a fun and busy weekend coming up. I have my family’s monthly dinner on Friday night which my lovely cousin is hosting. Then on Saturday my bestie and I are going to the Art Gallery Of NSW for opening weekend celebrations.

The gallery is celebrating the opening of its new building and so they are having some fun events like performances, talks, tours and workshops. We are also going to squeeze in a bit of shopping and of course lunch. So I’m really looking forward to Saturday! Then on Sunday, I’m catching up with a friend who I haven’t seen in years. Busy busy busy….but fun!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

All the fun end-of-year events like our staff Christmas lunch. We always go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy getting all dressed up. Working in a preschool means we all wear very casual clothes that we can move around in easily and we don’t mind getting dirty. Because it’s pretty much a guarantee that we’ll get some kind of stain on our clothes like blue paint. Blue paint is the absolute worst as it never comes off.

Favourite Amazon Find

November what's up Wednesday Hollywood tape

I bought this Hollywood fashion tape and it’s fantastic! I used it recently to stop an off-the-shoulder dress from falling off my shoulder completely. The slim sticky strip did a perfect job and it left no sticky residue at all.

We have our work Christmas lunch coming up soon and I’m planning on wearing a top that I bought recently. It’s a really nice top but I was a bit worried that it might gape. But now with this fashion tape, I should be all ok.


I guess that wraps up this November What’s Up Wednesday post. I really hope that you all have the best day and I look forward to being back here on Thursday if I get my act together. If not then I will definitely be back on Friday.

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5 thoughts on “November What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. Ahh! I have heard of Schoolies from tv shows like Neighbours and Home and Away. I hope Sam has had a great time.
    No wonder you are still thinking about the weekend at the wedding, it looks like you had the best time.
    Oh wow! 6 weeks off over Christmas and into the new year. I think I would love that especially here when all I want to do is hibernate in January. hehehe x

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      I like to add frozen or fresh berries and mango, banana, plain yoghurt, milk and a good dollop of honey?

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