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How To Make Your Home Look Expensive

If you are looking to spruce up your home and give it a fresh updated look. There are some simple and inexpensive things that you can easily do to give your home that luxe elegant look. You really don’t need to break the bank or throw out all your furniture and start again! Here are some simple tips for how to make your home look expensive.

How To Make Your Home Look Expensive


This is probably the best starting point and best of all it won’t cost you a cent! So if you want your home to look more spacious consider getting rid of things that you no longer use and that are taking up valuable room in your home. One of the things that you will notice when looking at luxury homes is that they are never cluttered.

Once you get rid of the clutter then your home will look bigger and much more open. As well as neater and organised. If you are looking for some inspiration for decluttering then you might like to check out this post.

Add Some Flowers Or Greenery

plant for how to make your home look expensive post

Flowers or some nice indoor plants will add a special finishing touch to your home. Flowers provide a fresh natural element to any space. And if your home is decorated mainly in neutrals then you can display flowers that will add a really nice pop of colour.

Buying fresh flowers can be quite expensive, so a few nice indoor plants will also incorporate an elegant natural effect into your home. Just the same as fresh flowers do.

Another great tip if you are looking for ways to bring some greenery into your home. Is to simply go outside and cut a few branches from a tree or bush. If you display them in a glass vase they will look very high-end and absolutely gorgeous!

Use White Bed Linen and Towels

White bedding has a luxurious look just like you would find in a hotel. White towels also have that lovely high-end spa look. The great thing about sticking to white bed linen and towels is that they not only make your home look fresh. They are also quite easy to keep clean. If they start to look a bit grey then you can always just use some bleach to bring back the brightness.

white linens

Stick To Classic Neutral Colours

Neutrals don’t mean boring! Neutral colours are classic, timeless, and elegant. Neutral colour palettes are usually found in designer-styled homes. But if you really love colour then you can always add colour throughout your home in the decor that you choose.

If you make a big colour commitment by painting your walls in a particular on-trend colour. Then you run the risk of having a home that will eventually look dated. Remember the peach colour craze from the eighties!


Another great way to make your home look expensive is to update your lamps or lampshades. Ikea has some very nice luxe-looking lamps at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at a designer store.

Hang Your Curtains Up High

If you hang your curtain rods closer to the ceiling and then go for nice long flowing curtains that drop to the floor. Your home will look just as beautiful as the homes that you see in magazines and on Pinterest. Hanging your curtains up nice and high will give the illusion of a taller ceiling. High ceilings are a real feature that you will find in expensive homes!

Consider Your Entryway

Giving your exterior a complete makeover can be very pricey. So a nice and easy way to make your home look more expensive and have curb appeal without spending too much. Is to paint the door an elegant darker shade to make the entryway stand out. Or if painting is not possible then skip the paint and just add some nice tall pot plants. This will also give your entrance a great impact.

Change Hardware

Changing the nobs and handles on some existing furniture can take them from dull to luxe easily and cheaply.

The same applies to the kitchen and bathroom. If you aren’t ready for a big kitchen and bathroom renovation. Then consider changing the handles on the doors and drawers. This mini-makeover is an easy way to make your home look expensive and it can make a huge noticeable difference.

Add Some High-End Touches Throughout Your Home

You can get fortunate and find some beautiful pieces from garage sales. All you need to do is bring them back to life by polishing or re-upholstering. Be on the lookout for decor items that are made from natural materials like leather, crystal, and solid wood. Adding these gorgeous high-end pieces will really lift your home giving it that elegant touch.

Think About How You Style Your Home

Elegant designer homes are always so beautifully styled and this is can be easily achieved in your own home without spending much money at all. You can style your home using favourite pieces that you already own. No need to spend money on expensive decor, just shop around your own home. And then achieve a designer-styled look by grouping your decor items using ‘The Rule Of Three’.

the rule of three for how to make your home look expensive post

When it comes to styling ‘The Rule Of Three’ means that you arrange items in groups of three because it is more visually appealing. Decor items arranged in uneven numbers give the rooms in your home a dynamic and overall aesthetically pleasing look.


Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Scent is very important when aiming to make your home feel cozy, inviting, and luxurious. This is probably one of the first things that you will notice when you walk into a home. Hotels and spas usually have a lovely subtle scent that appeals to the senses. You can easily achieve a beautiful scent for your home by incorporating things like



Nice big artwork will make your home look amazing. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can try your luck at second-hand stores where you can find some very unique artwork.

You could even create your own. Be inspired by artists like Jackson Pollock and enjoy splashing your choice of colours onto a canvas!


You might also like to consider going beyond the traditional style of framed art and have some fun with 3D sculptural pieces that will add an individual touch to your home. As well as give it that designer look.

3D artwork


Try mixing different textures with rugs furniture and decor. Even something as simple as a throw on a sofa or nicely draped over an armchair will instantly give your room a more luxe feel.

Don’t be afraid of mixing things up and just go for it when it comes to texture! Incorporate wood, baskets, metal, and glass.

Don’t play it safe with the cushions on your sofa and be too matchy-matchy. Instead, you can experiment with cushions in a variety of sizes and textures. While still using your preferred colour palette that enhances your room.

I hope that you find some of these tips for how to make your home look expensive useful. I have tried to stick to suggestions that are very budget-friendly and easy to achieve. Good luck with your journey of creating a home that you love and happy decorating!




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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Home Look Expensive”

  1. I needed this article, thank you! I feel like I’ve been decluttering for years and only yesterday started anew with a vengeance. Will need to address all of the things you listed. Bookmarking your post so that I can keep up the momentum!

  2. I think decluttering makes such a huge difference! We have our front door painted a deep blue and every single time I think I’m repainting it I seem to pick out nearly the exact same shade of blue. I just can’t bring myself to change it as I love how it pops against our pale brick entryway.

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