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A Few Of This Week’s Favourites

Hi everyone! I hope that you all had a great week and thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share with you a few of this week’s favourites. Isn’t it great to say hello to Friday again? It’s almost hard to believe that next week we will be saying hello to September already! Like seriously how did the months just fly by like that?

Sweet Tea

On Tuesday the day started off with all the promises of a Spring day. It was warm the sky was blue and it was glorious. Then at midday, the clouds rolled in and the temperature plummeted. It even hailed for a bit! In the evening I warmed up my hands with a nice big mug of sweet tea. I drink coffee without sugar but sweet tea on a freezing cold night is my favourite. It’s the simple things!

sweet tea for a few of this weeks favourites post

Wireless Bra

Here’s a favourite that many of you ladies might relate to. Isn’t it great when you find a comfortable bra? I was so happy to find these buttery soft bras from Uniqlo. And best of all, they don’t have that horrible underwire. I’ve always had bras with underwires and the other day I noticed that I had a small bruise on my chest from where the wire had been digging into me.

I had tried wireless bras before but they didn’t sit very comfortably as they slid up and were just plain annoying. These Uniqlo ones don’t do that. They stay where they should and they are super comfortable. They also have padding (which I need) and they give me some shape.

wireless bra for this weeks favourites post

I only bought one bra just to make sure that it was going to be comfortable. It passed the test so I will be heading back to buy some more and I will definitely be getting rid of those nasty underwire bras that I own.

wireless bra

Fun Midweek Dinner With Friends

Our friends Marianne and Daniel invited us over for dinner on Wednesday night. Our work schedules don’t really help when it comes to doing fun things on the weekend. So a midweek catch-up is usually what works well for all of us.

It was such a lovely fun night and we had so much to eat. Our friends made a lovely meal for us which we really enjoyed over a glass of wine and some great conversation!

We started off with some delicious cheese, crackers, and sourdough for dipping in olive oil and dukkah. Dukkah is a Middle Eastern condiment and it’s a yummy mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices. I had never tried it before but I really liked it.

Dukkah for this weeks favourites

cheese board for a few of this weeks favourites

Daniel is a very keen gardener and he grew these cute cocktail avocados. Again, this is something that I had never tried before. They tasted just like normal delicious creamy avocados but they were so teeny tiny!

cocktail avocados for a few of this weeks favourites

We then tucked into some lasagna, salad, and garlic bread. It really was the perfect meal for a cold night.

dinner with friends

For dessert, we finished off with individual sticky date puddings and ice cream. We were so spoilt!!

sticky date puddings for a few of this weeks favourites



We had a staff meeting after work on Thursday. I have to admit that staff meetings after a long preschool day can be a bit challenging because I always feel like I have run out of steam in the afternoon.

Luckily I managed to get on top of meal planning this week so I knew that I was going to cook a very easy dinner when I got home late on Thursday. I didn’t have time or energy to fuss around with cooking. So I quickly threw together some super easy tortellini, Barilla pasta sauce, garlic bread, and salad. Done in a flash!


Preschool Favourites This Week

Kinetic Sand

Another one of this week’s favourites was Kinetic sand!! I had heard of kinetic sand but I had never actually played with it before. Our new director at work ordered some for our classroom and friends it is so much fun! It moulds so well, it’s easy to clean up and it feels great to touch. I just wish the kids would give me a turn to play with it at preschool! Haha!

kinetic sand

kinetic sand

kinetic sand

Book Week

This week was Book Week! Book Week is all about schools and libraries celebrating books and Australian children’s authors and Illustrators.

children books

The children brought their favourite books to share with their friends at preschool. And many came in wearing dress-ups from their favourite book characters. We had so many little girls dressed up as Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen running around preschool. I guess Frozen is a book too!

A Mini Tea Party

We have a fairy garden in the playground at preschool and I spotted some of the children having a little tea party with the miniature tea set. So cute!

mini tea party

mini tea party for a few of this weeks favourites post

Fathers Day Cards

It’s fathers Day on the 4th of September in Australia. I’m really not quite sure why we celebrate it in September when most of the rest of the world has their Father’s Day in June. But anyway we do and so this week we have been busy making Father’s Day cards.

fathers day card

That wraps up a few of this week’s favourites it was a nice week but I sure am glad that it’s the weekend.

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday. Take care everyone and I look forward to being back here on Monday!

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3 thoughts on “A Few Of This Week’s Favourites”

  1. You were spoiled at that meal with your friends, lots of tasty treats!!

    How fun to have the kids dress as their favourite book characters! I think one time I dressed as Anne of Green Gables. My son could be Harry Potter 🙂

  2. I can’t believe that it is September next week. This year is flying over!
    I do love a cup of tea especially when it’s cold out. I have seen similar bras in shops here and I am tempted to give them a try.
    My girls used to have kinetic sand and it was such fun. x

  3. Lots of fab favourites Ruth. There are a few of my faves here too! Especially the cup of tea (I’m a bit of a tea belly) and wireless bras all the way! I much prefer them now. In fact, I’ve just bought a new one from Molke and it’s probably the best I’ve ever owned!
    Have a lovely week Ruth, I also can’t believe we are heading into September already, crazy! xx

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