Hobbies: A Blast From The Past And The Fun Of Today

And just like that we are back for the September edition of Not Just A Mom. Hosted by these lovely ladies – Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne, Lauren and Sarah. Didn’t August just fly by? I mean it honestly feels like it was just last week when we were all sharing the contents of our handbags. Today we are diving into the world of hobbies, so let’s jump right in!


Cottage Crafts

For me, the interesting thing about hobbies is that they change as our tastes and lifestyles evolve. Once upon a time, I loved covering notebooks, tissue boxes, baskets, and anything else that stood still with padding, lace and floral fabric. I think this hobby was called cottage crafts or something like that. Cringe!

I spent so much money on all the supplies that I needed. And my friend and I even went to an evening community college for a whole term to learn this hobby! When we talk about it now, we practically roll around on the floor laughing! I’m laughing right now thinking about it!! I even gave these padded, lacy things I made away as GIFTS because I thought they were so beautiful ?.

Cross Stitching

When my oldest son was a baby, I also loved to cross-stitch. Luckily I could see well back then, now I would probably go cross-eyed! I made Luke a hand towel trim with his name on it. So that he could take it to preschool to dry his hands. Back then, kids were encouraged to bring their towels because paper towels weren’t a thing.

I was taking a trip down memory lane to write this post. So I went digging around and I found my old box where I kept all my cross-stitch threads.

cross stitch-hobbies

I discovered that I had never finished the trim for Luke’s bath towel.

hobbies-cross stitching

I did finish the small trim for the hand towel but not the big one for his bath towel. I almost wanted to cry. What kind of a mother doesn’t finish her first baby’s bath towel trim? I showed my husband and he was very comforting. He said, “Don’t worry, finish it and give it to Luke for his 30th” (Luke turns 30 next month). Bahahahaha!! Seriously?


Fast forward several years after I snapped out of the cottage craft phase. My much younger cousin and I discovered Zumba! I guess you could call Zumba a hobby. Anyway, we just loved Zumba. And sometimes we would go three times a week. I even got my friend (the same one who crafted with me) to come along and she loved it too! They were fun times and I miss going but COVID hit, the classes stopped and the amazing instructors quit teaching. But that’s a hobby I would be happy to pick up again for sure.


My more recent hobbies have been making movies with iMovie. I have spent endless hours lost in the editing process while I put together end-of-year movies for our preschool families. It was so much fun and I think the families appreciated them too.

The last big slideshow/movie I put together was for my mum’s funeral. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to stand up and speak on the day. But I wanted to say something about her amazing life. So I created a eulogy video and I spoke on the film. Although it was emotionally tough to put together. I was proud of the result as it allowed me to honour my mum’s life through a visual tribute. I could convey exactly what I wanted to say and include some of her favourite music. Which of course included ABBA’s Dancing Queen!

Instagram Reels

Now I like to create Instagram reels. Although I enjoy making them, I have only done a few because I don’t have a lot of time. In addition, I’m just totally hopeless when it comes to social media. Sometimes I’ll post a bunch of things in one day and then weeks will go by and I don’t post anything. But I’m going to make an effort to be more consistent. So if you’d like to follow me you can click here.


And this brings me to my present-day hobby which is…..blogging! I just love it so much and I hope that I never lose this passion. It’s tricky squeezing in full-time work, family stuff and blogging and I wish that I could devote more time to this favourite hobby of mine. My younger son asked me the other day “Mum why do you like blogging so much?”. He sees me typing away every evening. I said, ” I don’t know, I just love everything about it!” Then we both laughed because he said he hated writing when he was at school and I said that I did too!

But for me, blogging is more than just writing, although I have grown to truly love it now. And I’m baffled because even though I was good at English in school. Writing creative essay assignments was equal to agonising torture for me back then.

But I just love every aspect of blogging-for me it is the complete package when it comes to hobbies. It satisfies my creative side, I get to journal about my daily life, I write articles on things that I find interesting, and best of all I have made new friends and I am part of a fantastic blogging community! So a big thank you to you guys for taking time out of your busy days to read my blog. I appreciate all of you! And thank you too for dropping me a comment. They always make me so happy!

I hope you have an amazing Monday!

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16 thoughts on “Hobbies: A Blast From The Past And The Fun Of Today”

  1. Oh, I used to cross-stitch too! My aunt taught me and when I was home this past summer, I saw many items I had made for my parents as gifts. You should absolutely do that bath towel trim for your son’s 30th! And yes, I LOVE blogging, and the community, so much too. It really is such a great hobby!

  2. hehehe! The cottage crafts does sound funny but I remember that being a big thing.
    I go through phases of loving cross stitch and then losing interest, it does hurt my eyes. The bath trim would be a good gift for Luke’s 30th, at least there’s a story behind it.
    I have never got the hang of Instagram reels but over the last month or so I have got into making TikToks. They’re so bad but I’m having fun with them. lol
    My girls always ask the same, why I love blogging so much. I just do! I love recording our lives and the social aspect of it, the blogging community really is wonderful. x

  3. I have a friend who covers photo albums with the padded cover with lace and I like the one she gave me. I filled it with old family photos. I don’t think I’d want lots of things padded though. #MMBC

  4. I think it clearly shows that you love blogging. I’ve been doing it for 11 years now and I used to post a lot more. I tend to go in bursts from posting all the time to two posts a week. I rarely post less than two a week though so I guess that’s not bad. I loved reading about your hobbies, I’ve been the same over the years. I have scrap books for my babies that I would spend hours mulling over. And once I spent a small fortune on books and equipment for card making. I made about 3 and realised it was way too time consuming and very messy. I could never get on with cross stitch and although zumba sounds real fun, I don’t think it would be for me…maybe they do wheelchair zumba!

  5. I used to do cross-stitch too! But that was the extent of my crafty side.
    There is something different about blogging and writing for school (although I did plenty of that with my English degree). I like choosing my own topics and knowing that people actually read it and are interested in what we are doing!
    I am amazed by what people put together for reels and TikToks, I’ll stay as an observer rather than a participant.

  6. Oh definitely, my hobbies have changed a lot over time; in fact I completely forgot that I used to cross-stitch! I have no idea what I made but I do remember doing it. Some I hope to never really give up; like my painting and my paper crafting but I guess only time will tell.

  7. I love how you took us through the years with you! I used to love cross stitching when I was a child, I need to start it back up again! It would be a great hobby to do with football games on in the background!

  8. Oh, you mentioned all the money spent of supplies for your cottage crafting (I have never heard of that) but I read somewhere that, all things considered, collecting craft supplies could be considered my hobby. So true. My interests just seem to wane too quickly. I do enjoy blogging, though:)

  9. I used to cross stitch and made a really nice one for Gabbie’s wall when she was born. But I never finished the one I started for Zachary. Oh well. I do love blogging too!

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