my evening routine

My Evening Routine

In the whirlwind of daily life, my evening routine is like my daily recipe. Combining essential chores with a good splash of relaxation. After all, life shouldn’t be all about work, work, work! So grab a cup of something fun. And join me for this month’s edition of Let’s Look, hosted by Erika and Shay. The topic for this month is Our Evening Routine, Let’s get started!

My Evening Routine

Getting Things Done: The Start Of My Evening Routine

The minute I step inside my home, I kick start my evening routine with a round of household chores. The last thing I want is to let them pile up and turn my weekend into a cleaning marathon. No sir!  So to avoid this I make sure to get a few things done every evening.

Daily Bathroom And Laundry Tasks: I’ve discovered that giving the bathroom a quick clean and doing laundry regularly is crucial for my sanity, and the best part is, that it doesn’t take long. Just a bit of effort each day keeps everything fresh and in check.

Cooking With A Side of Entertainment: 

cooking lasagna

After the cleaning tasks, it’s time to get on to cooking dinner. To make this more enjoyable I like to listen to some of my favourite music or indulge in a TV series that doesn’t demand my full attention to follow the plot. I never used to think that cooking was very relaxing. Especially when my kids were young. Back then it was all about getting food on the table ASAP. But these days, cooking while being entertained is surprisingly very relaxing!

Starting my evening routine with household chores may not be the most fun. But it’s the only way to make sure that I don’t have a mountain of things to do on the weekend. And I’ve learned (the hard way) that if I even so much as glance at my phone or sit down, my motivation completely fizzles out. So no phone, no sitting- I stay on my mission! The good news is, I always get a burst of energy and a second wind when I walk through the front door. It’s such an ahhhh moment. Probably because I’m so excited to be home after such a noisy and long day at work!

Time To Unwind!

Once dinner is ready it’s time for some well-deserved relaxation time!

Shower Time: Before I eat I desperately need to have a shower because I like to wash the stresses of the day away under the relaxing hot water. Then I put on my comfy home clothes and I feel squeaky clean and very content.

Dinner Time: My husband’s work schedule varies and my son’s study and work schedule varies too. So most evenings I dine solo, except for Wednesday and Sundays when we are all home together.

Favourite Part Of My Evening Routine

This is the time that I look forward to each day – it’s my ultimate reward! After the kitchen is all clean, I get to do what I love.

Blogging: My absolute favourite hobby is blogging, and I make sure to dedicate some time to it every evening. Although I don’t post every single day, my routine includes posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While I wish that I could have a few posts up my sleeve, my current approach of sharing mostly in real-time has become my go-to. But that’s mainly due to my busy schedule of juggling work and life. I really admire bloggers who work full-time and post every day. How do they do it?!

Time For Some Entertainment: After blogging, it’s time for some entertainment in front of the TV. I make myself a cup of tea, get comfy on the sofa and dive into a series. Right now, I’m hooked on “Who Is Erin Carter?” on Netflix, it’s such a great watch. I prefer limited series because well, they’re limited, and it keeps the excitement high!

tea on a sweet and simple weekend

My Simple Evening Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skincare, I’m all about keeping it super simple. Firstly I wash my face with a gentle gel wash.

gel wash for my evening routine skincare

Next, I reach for a trusty cotton pad soaked in micellar water for a refreshing wipe. It’s fantastic for getting rid of the last bits of eye makeup.

micellar water for evening routine skincare

To wrap it up, I use this nourishing nighttime cream. While I do occasionally splurge on those ‘magical’ creams, my tried and true favourite is the Aldi Lacura brand.

Laura night cream-evening routine

It not only leaves my skin feeling fantastic but also keeps my wallet happy. And that’s a huge win as I tend to be very generous with the cream because age is a demanding boss!

Night Owl Dilemma

I have shared with you guys before that I am a total night owl. Although I do have good intentions to get to bed earlier, it never really happens! I’m usually brushing and flossing my teeth at around 11.20 pm and then it’s lights out for me at around 11.30 pm.

So, that’s my evening routine in a nutshell – a mix of chores, relaxation and skincare. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my evenings!

Happy Wednesday friends!

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3 thoughts on “My Evening Routine”

  1. I’m always so tired on an evening so I always look forward to a bit of downtime after a busy day.
    I use micellar water too! It’s great isn’t it?!
    I sometimes double cleanse using this and Cerave hydrating cleanser, especially when I’ve been wearing makeup.
    Aw, we’ve just finished watching “Who Is Erin Carter?” and really enjoyed this one.
    Have a lovely week Ruth. xx

  2. I find that I’m enjoying cooking more when I can listen to music or an audio book. I’ve just finished watching Who is Erin Carter? I’m definitely not a night owl though and I’m in bed at least an hour earlier than you.

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