bright moments from my week

Bright Moments From My week

Hi there friends welcome to this week’s Friday Favourites. I sure am excited that it’s the weekend. The weekend always feels like a sweet reward for making it through the week’s ups and downs, don’t you agree? This week was just another typical week for me, with its fair share of work-related ‘stuff’. But even in the most mundane moments, I am learning to find the bright moments.

One of the things that I absolutely love about blogging is that it’s like having a digital journal where I can reflect on the little things that brighten up my days. Because there are always favourites to find every week! So let’s take a peek at the things that made me happy even in the most ordinary moments.

Bright Moments From My Week

Educator’s Day

It was Educator’s Day on Wednesday and our preschool director organised some cute gifts as tokens of appreciation. I thought that it was such a sweet gesture.

educators day for bright moments from my week

gifts for bright moments from my week

Sam’s New Computer

My son’s computer tower changes colour constantly. So every time I walk past his room it’s almost like a mini disco (without the music). Technology sure is fun these days!

computer- bright moments from my week

Botanica Air Freshener

It’s no secret that I am constantly finding ways to make my home smell amazing. So I’m very excited about this delicious-smelling room spray.

room freshener -bright moments from my week

It has pomegranate and bergamot and the combination leaves a lovely subtle lingering scent. And it instantly freshens up my living space.

Lime Cordial

As the weather is getting warmer I find that I am craving cool refreshing drinks more and more. So a splash of  Bickford’s Lime cordial mixed with soda water and ice is perfect.

Bickford's lime cordial - bright moments from my week

Body Yoghurt

Ha, body yoghurt, the name sounds funny to me. Anyway, I have been loving this British rose-scent body yoghurt from The Body Shop. I think maybe the change in season is making my skin feel super dry and itchy. So I have been applying this to my arms and legs after I shower and it makes my skin feel so much better. I also love that the scent is nice and subtle. I have this thing about scents, they need to be subtle or my nose can’t handle them!

body yoghurt from The Body Shop

Oat Milk

I really enjoy my coffee with oat milk and the other day I ordered this one in a funny-looking carton.

oat milk

It tastes great and best of all it was half price (which is the reason why I bought it). It’s funny how sometimes little things like quirky packaging can boost your day.

Laundry Bucket

I know this might sound nuts but I really love the laundry bucket that I bought from one of my favourite stores, Muji.

Muji bucket-bright moments from my week

One of the things that I love about it is that it is a neutral colour so it blends in with everything in the laundry. And the other thing that I love about it is that it comes with a lid. So when I have my dishcloths soaking in there. It stops my little cat from drinking the water. I give her fresh water every morning so I don’t understand why she likes to drink water with detergent and soaking dishcloths. Yuck!

Water Bottles

blue water bottles

I have some blue bottles that I use as water containers and they honestly make the water taste so good. I’m not kidding! Even visitors have commented on how delicious the water tastes from the blue bottles. They were originally vodka bottles so maybe they have some magic.

First Aid Training

first aid training

Thursday we all had to stay back after work until 7.30 pm to update our First Aid training. You can imagine that after a long day at work, it was just so hard to push on. So this was not a favourite for this week. But during the training, I sat between my two work buddies who always make me laugh and make even long days so much brighter. And now that the training is over it means that we don’t have to sacrifice a day during the holidays to get it done. So that definitely is a huge favourite!


Spring morning

spring flowers

spring flowers

The biggest favourite for the week is knowing that it’s spring! And here are a few happy spring pics I snapped while I was walking to work.

And that’s all for today friends – a few bright moments that made my regular week a bit more special.

Happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Bright Moments From My week”

  1. Yay spring! I love how blogging becomes a digital journal too (I often look up when things happened or when we went places using my blog). My son’s computer/keyboard/mouse, etc. all light up in rainbow colors and I love it.

  2. Aw, it’s nice to appreciate the little things that cheer us up isn’t it?!
    What a lovely thing for your director to do on Educator’s Day. Some fab stationery there!
    My boy has a gaming PC that lights up, he’s got room lights that match now as well so it really does look like a nightclub in there haha!
    The lime juice cordial sounds really refreshing. I’ve got a thing for Shloer white grape drink at the minute, it’s sooooo good.
    Have a lovely week Ruth. xx

  3. I love the title of your post! Yes, there are always little things to be found… even in a CPR class, haha. Those flowers are so pretty! I wish we were heading into spring too for the flowers, though there are some nice fall flowers! 🙂

  4. That is so nice of the preschool director to organise some gifts and wow at Sam’s new computer. My fella’s looks like that but with a green light. He hasn’t got a fancy tempreture thingy on it although he does want one, he’s always complaining about the heat from it. lol
    That carton of oat milk did make me chuckle and I love the look of that laundry bucket.
    Ohh! It does look like spring has sprung with you. We’re just coming out the end of a mini heatwave at the moment. It’s been nice but too hot for me. x

  5. I will live spring through you! We haven’t quite gotten to fall yet, it is still in the 80s pretty often (F). We have blue bottles like that from wine, maybe I should use them for water!

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