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Halloween Favourites

Happy Friday friends! It’s great to be back for Friday favourites with Andrea and Erika. So grab a cup of something soothing and let’s take a peek at some Halloween favourites.

Halloween 2023

I joined my youngest cousins for some trick or treating, and we had such a fun afternoon and evening. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Halloween has been gaining popularity in Australia over the years, with more and more people embracing it. While it’s not as massive an event as it is in some parts of the world. It’s gradually evolving into a bigger celebration. There’s no doubt about it, there are plenty of Aussie kids (young and old) who love to dress up and get free candy or lollies as we call them over here!

Before I went on my own Halloween fun I left a note on my front door with a cauldron of lollies. In case some kids in my street came knocking. I hope the local kids enjoyed some sweet treats.

Halloween favourites

My aunt picked me up and we drove to my cousin’s house. When we got there they had fun 80s music playing in their front yard and my cousin was there ready and waiting to hand out lollies in his Ken outfit. I won’t share a pic because I’m not sure if he’d want me to. But trust me, his costume was fantastic!

Here I am with my younger cousin. She was Dorothy from “The Wizard Of Oz” and I wore a costume from one of my favourite series “Money Heist”.

Halloween favourites

We walked around, got our steps up big time and said hello to the locals who were out trick or treating in big groups.

Halloween favourites

Halloween decorations are still pretty minimal over our way but this giant spider got my attention! I honestly don’t think I could comfortably walk into my house if a huge spider was greeting me like that….shudder! Even the fake ones scare me!

Halloween house with giant spider

Halloween favourites

We were all starving afterwards so we walked back to the house for pizza. Not sure why the pizzeria we got the pizzas from is called “Ugly Pizza” because they sure tasted amazing!



Halloween loot!

Halloween loot

We were a small group this year as most of the gang from our cousin Connect group couldn’t make it due to work commitments. So this weekend we are having a late Halloween party and dressing up in our favourite costumes. Yep, it’s the first Saturday of the month so that means it’s time for our monthly dinner get-together. Yay!

Halloween Fun At Preschool

We are mindful that not all children and families celebrate Halloween at our preschool. However, we offered some fun and low-key Halloween activities for those who were excited to join in.

Halloween sensory tubs.

Halloween sensory tubs

The kids made masks.

Halloween masks

Halloween masks

Playdough monsters.

Halloween playdough monster

I read one of my all-time favourite books to the children called “A Dark Dark Tale” by Ruth Brown. My kids used to love this book too! It’s the cutest story that has a big build-up to the funniest ending. The kids loved it and thought it was hilarious. So fun!

A Dark Dark Tale

We also danced to some cute Halloween-themed music like the skeleton dance and sang ‘Days Of The Week’ Adam’s Family style.

It was a fun week sprinkled with some Halloween favourites. I hope you had a great week too and are ready for an even better weekend!

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Favourites”

  1. It’s fun to see your candy brands! My kids would dump our their haul on our coffee table and it would cover the whole table. I always took a pic. I should look for one! Then, the sorted by type of candy. It was great fun!

  2. Looks like Halloween was still fun even if it was a smaller group than normal. Love all the costumes! Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!
    – Morgan

  3. You had a fun Halloween! I always love to see the different costumes even if I’m not great at dressing up.
    Hope you have a fun cousin dinner this weekend!

  4. It sounds like you had a great Halloween. It seems to be getting a bigger thing over here every year. How lovely that you left treats out when you went to your cousins. I love the costumes. What fun! x

  5. What a fun Halloween. We didn’t bother going out but we had many callers…at one point I just sat on a chair by the front door with my cauldron of goodies. I love your costumes and your sweet haul.

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