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Halloween In Australia

In the last few years, Halloween has become increasingly popular in Australia. Every year the Halloween section at the shops keeps getting bigger and bigger. You can now shop for plenty of costumes, decorations, and masses of Halloween candy or lollies as we say.

However, It was a completely different story when I was growing up. Australians just didn’t celebrate it at all and the only thing I knew about Halloween was what I saw on television.

I think I must have first learnt about Halloween from watching The Brady Bunch when I was five. It looked like a lot of fun but I did have trouble working out what Cindy Brady was saying and it wasn’t because of her cute lisp. Five-year-old me thought she was saying trickatree ??

Halloween 2021

Fast forward to 2021 and for some reason this year Halloween felt extra popular. More kids were talking about it at preschool and as I’ve been driving along here and there it seemed like there were a lot more houses that were decorated. Now when I say decorated I’m referring to a few streamers, balloons, and the occasional zombie. Nothing at all like some of the decorated houses I’ve seen from America. They are on a whole other level as they are just beyond amazing!!

Recently more people here in Australia, especially younger families are embracing Halloween wholeheartedly while many still seem quite against it. Some people believe that it’s not an Australian tradition and they feel that Halloween should just be ignored. But I think, maybe give it a few more years and Halloween will probably explode in popularity.

For me I don’t mind Halloween, I don’t go nuts over it but I do think it’s fun to have kids knocking at the door and I like seeing them in their costumes. So every year I put out my two little plastic pumpkins and wait for the kids to come.

halloween pumpkin for Halloween in Australia post

I’ve even had a few of my little students from past and present come knocking Ha! You should see the surprised look on their faces when I’ve opened the door and they’ve found me standing there. One year I had a totally shocked little boy ask me what I was doing there in that house. A lot of the kids think that the teachers live at preschool!

A Fun Family Halloween Party

This year, after months of lockdown I was happy for any excuse to get together with my family so we had a Halloween party and we went all out by deciding to dress up at the last minute. That’s something we’ve never done before. So all I could come up with at short notice was to dress up like a dead doll.

I’m so glad we got together, we laughed so hard and had the best time. Maybe an annual Halloween party is something our family will do from now on. I’m all for a bit of fun plus I’ve always wanted to dress up as Wonder Woman!! Maybe next year.

dressing up for halloween in Australia
I saw this photo and even though I’m supposed to be a dead doll, I think this is what I might normally look like in the mornings! minus the face tattoo.
dressing up for halloween in Australia
My mum was Miss Universe!
family get together for Halloween in Australia
Yummy Cheese Board!!
halloween cake
My cousin brought a spookily delicious cake.
party bags
Fun lolly bags!


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